What Class 5 Softswitch Offers to VoIP Service Providers

VoIP industry is flourishing rapidly while addressing advanced communication requirements of business globally. These days, enthusiastic entrepreneurs are getting involved into VoIP business and many companies have started using VoIP to handle business communication. A Softswitch is the software equivalent to a physical telephone switchboard for facilitating VoIP-based communication. The Internet-based telephony and a growing number of conventional telecommunication networks employ Softswitches to manage the connection of phone calls. Call switching in the telecommunication industry is a long-term practice to interface the caller to the intended recipient.

Class 5 Softswitch is a kind of software that basically serve the end users. It serves retail VoIP service providers and enables them to extract rich quality IP services to enterprise and residential office customers with IP-enabled devices like landline IP phones. To provide a user-friendly experience, Class 5 VoIP Switch offers value- added features like social media access. Some of the primary characteristics of Class 5 Softswitch are as follows:

1. Call authentication

2. IVR

3. Callback

4. Billing and Routing

5. Analog-to-digital conversion

6. Media transcoding

7. Social Media usability

8. Call transfer

9. Call holding

How will Class 5 VoIP switch be benefiting your VoIP service-related business?

1. Boosts workflow: It handles a large volume of concurrent calls and improves the workflow without affecting communication. Though the number of calls in Class 5 Softswitch is lesser than Class 4 Softswitch, they are apt for serving the call flow of retailers.

2. Direct IP routing: Class 5 Softswitch routes calls to the correct IP address, SIP address or DID a number of an End user.

3. Offers billing platform: When used by VoIP providers, Class 5 Softswitch calculates on per minute basis, and can bill customers automatically. VoIP providers can easily install it on any server, and it does not need to be on a customer’s system. You can also make money by selling international calling minutes using a calling card which is ultimately profitable for your company.

At Ecosmob, our Class 5 Softswitch solution enables service providers to build and manage highly scalable, robust VoIP services. You can use VoIP Softswitch for handling numerous concurrent sessions. You can deploy the software solution for a small single server as well as for large multiple servers with our enterprise-grade VoIP-based services.

How Conferencing Software Solution serve Health care Industry

Our ever-changing technological advancements have a great impact on the industries worldwide and healthcare industry is no exception. The digital transformation of the health industry promotes easy access to doctors for the patients living in the remote location. It also proposes options to enrich the medical knowledge and enhance the healthcare experience with improved health care administration.

Conferencing solutions improve communication among any hospital or physician networks. It also facilitates medical, pharmaceutical and research partners, for providing the best possible care. Utilizing this straightforward technology, medical professionals can conduct patient consultations, engage with the far off specialists, and communicate with the staff internally or externally. Our web-based video conferencing solution can be accessed securely on mobile devices or laptops and might be used for everything from administrative meetings to patient follow-ups, greatly reducing travel time and cost for both patients and medical personnel.

A tailored Conferencing software solution enables healthcare professionals to offer a personalized patient experience, anywhere, anytime. With the help of these collaboration tools, you can deliver your best services remotely. It increases the work efficiency and increases the popularity of your health care unit.

Here are some valid points explaining the benefit of conferencing solutions in healthcare industries:

  1. Reach the unreachable: Unfortunately, if you are living in a region which is far from the reach of hospitals/doctors, it adds a lot of trouble to travel such a long distance, just for taking some medication or going for a routine checkup. Our secure video conferencing solution supports the growing trend toward telemedicine for having access to medical care from remote areas.
  2. Extended patient’s care: With customized conferencing solutions, physicians can be virtually connected with the patients. Employing the technology to fully examine a patient while providing a real-time diagnosis, or view an X-ray from a computer, tablet or even a mobile device, makes everything possible.
  3. Global Collaboration: Research and collaboration with the experts across the regions can be easily accessed with our conferencing solutions. Our conferencing solutions enable the easy data sharing and discuss the details of research on existing medicinal solutions. You can study prognosis, securely share data regarding the patient’s reports and other details.

When you are looking for the innovative technologies to connect patients with the doctors and experts around-the-clock, FreeSWITCHService can help you with its best-in-class conferencing software development services. These solutions keep your staff trained by enabling them access to on-demand training modules. Our conferencing software development not only enhances connectivity but also cares for the security of your database.


High-end Conferencing Solutions for High-tech Industries

High-tech industries have a continuous race against time! For every high technology industry, time-to-market is of the utmost importance as today’s technology swiftly becomes obsolete in the near future. To cope with this ever-changing business scenario, the R&D department needs a global collaboration between skilled professionals, and customized conferencing solutions play a key role in establishing seamless collaboration and communication.

The real-time communication is possible through the web or video conferencing solution, and as an owner or a stakeholder of a high-tech industry, you can readily implement strategic solutions that drive bottom line outcome. It’s better to embrace the high-end conferencing solutions to enhance collaboration and get a competitive edge. Read on to know how your business can leverage the benefits of communication with the conferencing solutions that enable you to connect with multiple stakeholders across various locations at once:

  1. Innovate-Innovation is the key to survive and flourish for any high-tech industries. With the video conferencing solutions, you can readily connect with the R&D experts and engineers over any device. Even the remote areas, where the network issues are common, cannot stop communicating you with key persons of the project.
  2. Accelerate- It’s easy to share product designs, prototypes, project plans and other related stuff with HD video conferencing. It eventually translates into the acceleration of the development cycle and leads to the growth of your company. High-tech industries work in a time bound manner, and video or web conferencing solutions help them meet deadlines.
  3. Manage- Real-time communication helps your business to manage and maintain quality standards while assisting you reducing downtime through facilitating remote troubleshooting. You can also extend your technical assistance for the customers. In a way, you can manage your high-tech industry more efficiently.
  4. Grow-Conferencing solutions facilitate your business to grow by enabling you to connect with people interactively during promotional events, seminars, and training sessions anywhere in the world. You can also connect instantly with media team for press releases and vendors to facilitate global operations through conferencing.

Entrepreneurs of high-tech industries have to deal with highly challenging situation every time. Conferencing solutions are designed to meet their requirements and they can get the most from communication using such solutions.

Freeswitchservice.com offers tailored audio, video, and web conferencing solutions to address complex business requirements across various industry sectors. If you’ve any query regarding establishing conferencing solutions for your business, feel free to contact us.

How Customized iPad App Development can Benefit Lifestyle Industry

Today, the lifestyle industry is an umbrella term that includes highly diverse and unique sectors including babysitting, renting new stuff for trial, waste management, smart work, cycling safety, reconnecting with the offline world, and the like. In other words, the lifestyle industry has an immense potential, and any idea that can change people’s lives have the capability of getting entry into this amazing segment. However, many unique lifestyle-related ideas have remained unsung just because of a lack of proper marketing and failure in reaching to more and more people. Fortunately, nowadays, the technology gives every unique idea a great platform with the help of quality iPad application development. People become wonderstruck when Apple launched this awesome device for the first time 7 years back. Since then, an iPad has opened the doors of many opportunities for entrepreneurs and startups of a lifestyle industry.

Here we go through ten noteworthy aspects through which custom iPad application development can transform the lifestyle industry while enhancing sales and boosting productivity:

  1. Massive reach: It is an undeniable fact that iPads steadily gain ground worldwide with its stunning, user-friendly features and seamless performance. As a lifestyle industry player, you can address a huge iPad-using audience led by affluent US people and boost your business with the rise in demand for your services or products.

  1. Simplicity and flexibility: Customized iPad apps can simplify the complex business processes and enable you to improve flexibility regarding user-friendliness. Lifestyle apps need to be very simple in operation and require a customer-centric interface. Both these objectives can be readily achieved in tailored iPad applications.

  2. Marketing tool: You can promote your business through announcing special deals and promotional offers on the iPad apps in an engaging manner. As a marketing tool, your enterprise-grade iPad app can effectively and efficiently meet all the online promotion requirements of your business.

  1. Ease of instruction: The iPad comes with a big screen and you can readily give instructions or related information about your products or services through using an iPad application. Ease of instruction makes iPad the preferred choice for many enterprises engaged in lifestyle and B2C businesses.

  1. Competitive edge: A feature-rich iPad app is a weapon in your hand in today’s highly competitive business scenario. You can please your customers with the features they require most in the iPad app and eventually get a competitive edge through having a large user base consisted of loyal and happy customers.

  1. Ease of use: An iPad is perfectly designed for being used by all age groups. Even differently-abled persons can use it without much difficulty. This facility makes an iPad loved by many people and your lifestyle-based business can get a more traction through using an app developed for the targeted audience.

    In a nutshell, your lifestyle-related business can get a boost with an iPad application filled with desired features. All you need to contact a trusted and experienced iPad app development service provider.

How Android Application Development Benefits Your Real Estate Business

Mobile applications are the boon for promoting every business these days. The reason is simple: As per the recent stats, about 70% of mobile searches are followed up with the action within an hour thanks to the growing number of smartphone users. Today, more and more people are using the Android phones across the world, we can certainly expect that Android apps with desired features can work wonders for your business. Though a customized Android app development services can cater to various requirements of different industry sectors, we will see how a tailored Android app can benefit real estate business:

An Android application for the real estate business provides the platform for Realtors, Mortgage Companies, Agents, Brokers, Builders, Title Agencies, Loan Officers, Credit Repair, Lenders, Property Managers etc. while facilitating an easy communication about their property. It makes your projects smartphone friendly. As a realtor, you might have the idea that about 1/5 of real estate searches are done through smart devices and your Android app can enable you to get the most from the growing number of searches through handheld devices.

Here are the enlisted features of the Android application development for Real Estate Business:

  1. Easy and direct marketing channel: Android applications are easy-to-install and offer a highly reliable and more reachable source. The dedicated real estate Android app development empowers you to stay available to your customers around the clock, which ultimately results in increased business opportunities.

  1. Manageable attributes: Android apps offer several traits as one-touchdialing, checking the availability of the property, easy inventory management, quick real-time texting, image posting etc. These innovative ideas help in the trouble-free promotion of your real estate business.

  1. Listings and highlighted features: Putting your own listings is pretty easy over the apps. You can also highlight the features of your property which are key to generate more sales. These highlighted features serve as the distinguishing points amongst several available properties.

  1. Make a brand and grow your leads: A bespoke Android app can offer desired exposure to your real estate company while enabling you to directly share the location of your property and generate the leads for your business.

Thus, the Android application development can serve as a dynamic tool for real-estate clients,through empowering them to virtually put themselves into the middle of a property and explore it without any physical visit.

At Ecosmob Technologies, we provide premium Android app development services that assist you to boost your real estate business. We have professionals with the strong knowledge of business and app development technology domain to meet all the challenges of the real estate sector.

How Video Conferencing Solutions are Helpful to IT Personnel

Today, IT professionals have to keep pace with ever-changing and ever-challenging technological advancements to remain firm in surging competition. There, communication lends a helping hand to the IT people and facilitating them to stay in touch with the latest technology trends and collaborate with the fellow professionals in achieving a common outcome. Today, communication requirements are also getting more complex and we can find the answer to these complexities in video conferencing solution. No wonder that a report from Transparency Market Research has expected video conferencing market to reach a whopping US$ 7.85 B by 2023 as many factors contribute to the growth of video conferencing worldwide.

In this blog, we will see how video conferencing solutions can benefit the IT personnel:

1. Facilitate audio-visual interaction

IT business knows no boundaries and professionals can stay in touch with the clients as well as other professionals anywhere in the world through video conferencing. They can interact and share suggestions, thoughts, and necessary information related to the ongoing or finished project with the help of video conferencing. Real-time communication and interaction with several people at the same time are two major benefits of video conferencing and the IT personnel can get the most from these benefits.

2. Save big on traveling

Customized conferencing software can completely eliminate the requirement of traveling for sharing or gathering project information. IT people can save big on time, energy, and money while connecting with different people scattered over various places in the world through video conferencing.

3. Facilitate mobile workers

Many projects in IT sector require on-site visit and collaboration with people associated with the project. Another possibility is an IT workforce is scattered around the country and for discussing any project, a real-time communication is necessary. Video conferencing solution can serve these objectives and facilitate mobile workers to stay connected with IT professionals to fulfill the project requirements.

4. Give human touch

Video communication is way superior to IM and email correspondence as both of them are lacking a human touch. IT persons can show themselves and see others with the help of conferencing solution. In a way, human interaction takes place, which is very important for creating the atmosphere of trust and loyalty.

5. Show the product

The IT industry thrives on developing unique products that cater to the customer’s requirements. As a norm, IT developers have to show the product to their clients during development phase so that the client can suggest modifications as per their requirements. There, video conferencing can help IT professionals to give a live demo of the ongoing product development.

That’s not all! As technology continues to evolve, virtual meetings will quickly become the norm thanks to video conferencing and other additional technology like AR and VR. It is fair to mention that just like any other industries, video conferencing solution is a boon for IT industry.

We offer industry-standard, customized conferencing solutions for enterprises across the world. Feel free to drop us a line if you have any query regarding video conferencing at sales@ecosmob.com