Video Conferencing Technology for Distributed Workers is Getting Better and Better

Video conferencing is nothing new. The technology has been around for decades and it has been evolving continuously over the years. On the one hand there is the traditional desk top specialist video conferencing solution with appropriate hardware and software that necessitated everyone in an organization to gather into a room to carry on a teleconference. Today, it is different as one can use smartphones to carry out a video conference from anywhere, at any time, using appropriate software.

Changing trends, evolving technologies

The way people work and interact has changed. It is not necessary for a company to have employees working in its office. It is about distributed workforce these days. Whether it is a single company with just one office or a multinational, they all have employees in different locations. Communications and interactions have become easier, speedy and better with the implementation of WebRTC into video conferencing solution development . Anyone using a computer, a laptop or a smartphone can simply use the browser to start and take part in a one to one or multi-person interaction. Viewing another person and carrying on a chat is good no doubt but there are limitations. This is where future technologies make it even better.

AR and VR revolutionize video conferencing

The future is AR and VR rolled into the video conferencing solution. Donning a headset and carrying on a conversation is a quite difference experience. One can turn one’s head this way or that and view the person with whom one is chatting. It is possible to display documents and presentations when AR/VR becomes part of the conferencing solution development. For workers spread out over various geographic locations this is a great way to interact. It is as if one is there in person. At the same time, improved codecs and implementations reduce bandwidth load while assuring seamless videos without breaks or jitters that were once the bane of video calls.

Ease of use, lots of features, Unified communications

Video conferencing that blends in the best of audio conferencing features such as authentication, participant name recording, DTMF, recording, scheduling, polling, notifications and rollcall features, to name just a few, make it even better at interactions between distributed workforces. The right video conferencing software includes all these features besides being scalable and user-friendly, a unified communication system. Distributed workers need not bother about complicated setup—this is handled in the backend. All they need to concern themselves with is to use their smartphone for video calls with head office personnel or with other workers in any part of the world.


Benefits of Artificial Intelligence When Integrated Into Contact Center Solutions

VoIP transformed the contact center industry with a host of features not available in traditional telephony systems. AI (Artificial intelligence) is expected to have the same impact on contact centers and their operations.

Automating operations

Normal contact center solution involves interaction between a call agent and the customer. Call center solution development that incorporates artificial intelligence has the potential to let the system have virtual customer assistants that can handle most routine tasks. AI can analyze past queries of a caller and predict the query he will put forward and then divert the call to a human agent if desired. Time is no longer a constraint as chatbots can handle callers from any time zone or location and even translate languages. Customers do not have to wait interminably and press various keys that are usual in the IVR system. Big data allied with AI will help call centers perfect call center solutions that present agents with all data about a caller and address his query quickly and efficiently.

Track agent behavior

How agents respond and perform is also important for contact centers in order to assure customer satisfaction. Contact center solutions incorporate artificial intelligence to track behavior of agents. The same function can be used by the system to learn how to respond to various queries and the course of action. AI is becoming smarter with the ability to “sense” caller sentiment and take appropriate action for diverting the call to an agent at the right level for immediate resolution.

Intelligent Routing

Contact centers may also receive email requests for some service or the other in which case intelligent bots can assess the query and route it to a live agent.

Predictive analysis

Contact center agents often have the task of closing a sale or getting a commitment from a customer but may not be able to gauge the customer’s stand. In such cases artificial intelligence in call center solution development helps in predictive models based on emotions, speech patterns and behaviors. The system suggests to an agent whether it is worth pursuing the matter with a person to close a sale or to leave it.

Artificial intelligence works both ways. It can derive intelligence on caller behavior and mood and it can monitor call agent performance as well as assist him.

Importantly, AI can be incorporated into the contact center VoIP system and bring about changes in speed and operational efficiency by, for instance, doing away with or modifying IVR in a way that reduces wait time for callers and delivers speedy assistance. It is the future.

How Custom White Label VoIP Mobile Dialer Development Helps Service Providers Achieve Value Addition

Mobile devices have revolutionized telephony and VoIP has made international calling more affordable than ever. Individuals use mobile softphones available as apps that can be installed with ease on a variety of smartphones. Business users too have plenty of choices in off-the-rack softphone solutions with a host of business-friendly and relevant features. For service providers it is a different matter. Standard VoIP mobile dialers just won’t cut it.

Custom dialer application development is recommended for VoIP service providers. Ecosmob VoIP mobile dialer development and solutions packages are tailored to suit business needs of service providers with the intent to generate revenues, create branding and ensure loyalty.

A highly desirable feature for service providers intending to establish a strong brand presence and thus engender loyalty is white labeling service available from Ecosmob. White label means extreme customization of not only standard features intrinsic to VoIP mobile dialers but other equally important ones. These include theme and overall layout that are in consonance with the company’s branding. Language of choice is included in customized white label mobile dialer app development to make it appear as if the service provider has his own product, something that resonates strongly with customers.

Service providers need not opt for features they have no use for. Custom development of VoIP mobile dialer includes multiple SIP accounts support, phonebook integration, call statistics, call timers, call history, video and audio calls, redials, full support for all audio/video codecs and call hold/forward/retrieve/transfer. They pay only for features they need to start with and have options to upgrade. This reduces initial capital outlay.

Custom dialer application development means service providers can deploy branded white labeled dialers for Android, iOS, Blackberry and Windows OS according to their needs. Importantly, the app can be used by businesses besides service providers and ensure security of communications as well as uniformity and assured performance because everyone within the organization uses the same app. Further, customization and an easy to use control panel allows administrators to grant permissions as they see fit, something that may not be available in off the rack solutions. Service providers and businesses may need to integrate it with CRM or other backend solutions for accounting, reporting or analytic purposes in which case, again, opting for custom dialers is the way to go. Equally important is service and support that custom developers promptly offer for any modification or troubleshooting.

In the final analysis one may end up saving more by paying a little extra for custom dialers because the returns are so much more in tangible and intangible ways.

Importance of Multi Tenant Solutions for VoIP Domain

Sustaining a business these days is more difficult than establishing it as there is an intense competition in the current age of globalization. Every business needs a robust communication system to meet their business needs and to facilitate the expansion while handling the growing competition on the market.

Conferencing solutions offer the feasible solutions to the communication and conferencing requirements of your business. You can boost your sales and intensify the distant collaborations with the multi-tenant conferencing solutions. These solutions work on the concept of multi-tenancy . Multi-tenancy is the software architecture that serves multiple customers, which are individually named as tenants. In some solutions, tenants may or may not be given the ability to change a few features of the application or application interface, but they can never change the application’s code.

With the multi-tenant business conferencing solutions, you can get the affordable audio, video, and web conferencing solutions for fulfilling your business requirements. Multi-Tenant solution enables providers with everything they need to deliver, manage, monitor and bill for competitive conferencing services on a single platform.

Here are the certain benefits of multi-tenant solutions stating their importance for the VoIP networks:

  1. Scalable: Multi-tenant solutions assure that you can run multiple concurrent conferences without any glitch. It is successfully tested by the conference services provider for hundreds of multiple concurrent conferences. It is definitely a scalable solution. So, when the number of tenants increases, you just need to increase your server capacity.
  2. Cost-savvy solutions: With the multi-tenancy, you can use the same software license for multiple clients and multiple devices that are linked on the server. This saves the cost involved in the purchase of the license for each device individually for every server.
  3. Supports web communications: It uses the customer-oriented web applications with the single instance for serving multiple clients. Thus, it supports the web communication while enabling the web conferencing solutions.
  4. Easy-to-use and manage: The Multi-tenant solution is entirely client-centric and easy to interface. It is provided with the alluring graphical user interface (GUI), and doesn’t require any additional plugins. Hence, it is easier to use.
  5. Highly secure solutions: In the multi-tenant solution, the data of multiple users are co-mingled and is available on the server. Thus, there is a rigid security on the server.
  6. Say no to extra hardware: When using the multi-tenant conferencing solutions you won’t be requiring the extra hardware even if your number of clients increases. With the gradual increase in the number, you simply have to assign the available IP addresses on the server, and you can proceed further with setting up the conference. This also saves your investment in new devices with your increasing requirement.

Ecosmob renders the delivery of reliable, feature-rich and mobile-capable VoIP solutions to the business clients and resellers along with the Multi-tenant solutions . We provide the solutions to multiple premises and global clientele through using technological advancements.

How IP PBX facilitates Real Estate Sector

Thanks to the intensifying competition, and rapid emergence of new companies in construction, people are willing to invest in the real estate sector. However, such a scenario creates the state of confusion among the customers to distinguish whether companies are capable of fulfilling the market void or not, and the real estate agents are constantly found moving between the places either to move to the project site or to convince their clients about the ongoing project.

An effective communication is a driving force for the real estate sector. IP PBX is built on open standards and is flexible to adopt & integrate with your existing infrastructure. Real Estate companies and real estate agents can have a better coordination between the office and field to enhance the services and accelerate the dealings.

IP PBX reduces the cost of communication, improves day-to-day connectivity by ensuring mobility. This means that you can be just as productive on the go as you are in the office. The custom IP PBX gives you the liberty to work from anywhere and handle your business efficiently on the move.

Noteworthy benefits of IP PBX solution for the real estate sector are mentioned as follows:

  1. Detailed call reports: IP PBX solution is provided with the feature of detailed call reports. Leveraging the function of call recording, you can also keep the track of recorded voice calls for any future reference. This enables you to control and monitor the authenticity of the user and the calls made. It also helps you in spotting out the wrong activities, if any, to eliminate the chances of misuse of the network.
  2. Auto-attendant: IP PBX system gives you the liberty to put an automated voice to welcome your clients and customers or when you are unavailable to attend the call.
  3. Secure system: You need not worry about security, especially when it comes to IP PBX system. They generally work on your internal server or hosted on cloud server which is already protected with a firewall, anti-virus protection software, etc.
  4. Update your records: With IP PBX system, you can update the necessary documents on cloud and can retrieve the data when required. This keeps you from the trouble of carrying a heavy briefcase in meetings. Now, you have access to your documents everywhere.
  5. Activate DND: When you are in any meeting or on vacation mode, you can simply activate DND option on IP PBX system. You can enable the option of recording the message and send in voicemail.


We offer affordable premium IP PBX solution at Ecosmob to improve your business productivity. Our enterprise-grade IP PBX Solution is fed with the latest technology to offer high quality services.

How Softphone works for VoIP

A Softphone (Software Telephone) is a software that can enable calling from the computer. The softphone enables the user to place calls as well as to receive them.

Depending upon the type of connection, we can integrate the softphone in the communication system for making calls using conventional PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) or via VoIP telephony. With VoIP Softphone, you can make calls with your desktop or laptop using a VoIP service. Skype, iChat, and GoogleTalk are some of the highly popular services that use the revolutionary VoIP technology.

How does Softphone work?

A Softphone’s interface acts in the same fashion as a physical phone’s interface; however, unlike a physical handset, the display is projected on the user’s screen. It works clearly by converting original telephone audio into the digital format that can be transmitted over the Internet. Also, it converts incoming digital signals from the Internet to standard telephone audio. Since it is an application, it also requires a microphone, loudspeaker, and headset for the voice communication.

Most softphone applications also include various features to give us increased value as compared to the traditional communication method. For example, many softphones feature a built-in instant messaging feature that enables you to send a text message rapidly without making a time-consuming phone call. Another great benefit that softphones offer is visual voicemail. It’s like treating your calls like an email browser. These features make Softphone a smart choice!

Benefits of Softphone :

  1. Cost-effective solutions: Softphones offer affordable call rates using the VoIP technology. Also, they don’t require conventional desk phones and saves the cost of wiring. This ultimately minimizes the investment and proves to be a cost-effective communication solution.
  2. Digital database: You need not bother maintaining a physical phone directory to call individuals. With the Softphone, you can easily call someone directly from the computer’s address book, only by clicking the number.
  3. Replace the traditional desk phones: Many mobile workers, office users and even individuals at home prefer softphones over the traditional desk phones as they are highly convenient. They don’t occupy space and offer wireless software solutions.
  4. Unified solution: These days, businesses are expanding, and you need to stay in touch with your business partners and customers. With a Softphone, you can keep your contacts updated, irrespective of your location and can access them from anywhere. You can also save more cost on the national and international roaming with the Softphone. Inbuilt features of softphone are speed dialing, teleconferencing, text, IM, video capabilities, call forwarding, call waiting, etc.

The features and functionality of each softphone will vary from one softphone provider to another. But, you can always ask to add more features with the customized Softphone solution. Softphones won’t compromise with the quality of communication, rather saves your time to manage database as well as prevent your staff from working on tedious and time-taking tasks. Softphones will be most advantageous in the contact center and help desk.

The PC is always on and the sole function of the agent is to speak, listen, enter and retrieve data. It keeps your customers and client content with the services and ensures round-the- clock connectivity.

How mobile apps can enhance mobility in the companies

Since the past five years, following the trend of digitization, companies have spent considerable time, money and attention in developing mobile apps that help them engage and connect with their customers. As mobility continues to evolve, it has become critical to help companies with the single solution, in using the full range of digital technologies to boost overall operating and financial performance.

One of the focus areas of any company’s business expansion processes is implementing an enterprise mobile app, which offers a platform to leverage the benefits of digitization while driving optimum results. Every renowned company believes that delivering high-quality products is as important as successfully managing a mobility policy in today’s competitive scenario. Against the fast-moving mobile background, it is clear that just having mobile access to only e-mail is insufficient for increasing company’s productivity.

Mobile apps enable you to stay connected with your customers, clients, and with the new trends surfacing in the market. Here is the list of some valuable benefits of mobile apps for the companies:

  1. Bridge the communication gap: It is not easy to stay connected with the clients through traditional marketing methods. However, with mobile apps, you can easily make connections with the people across boundaries through social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook etc. Real-time communication using enterprise mobile apps promotes better pre and post sales services.
  2. Easy document sharing: Mobile apps enable document sharing. They are provided with the support options, supported devices and price. Such document sharing apps offer the secure data sharing that permits sharing and storing sensitive and confidential information.
  3. Remote access to resources: Due to the extended supply chain, various company employees unable to access company’s data as and when required. Interactive nature of mobile technology enables easy remote data access with the employees. It improves communication and helps an organization in maintaining transparency regarding company policies. Mobile apps enable easy data access among company headquarters, which fastens the research and development of companies.
  4. Mobile apps for marketing: Mobile apps can bring your business to entirely a new level. Custom mobile apps can be designed to serve the clients and customers over the same platform. The integration of mobile apps into the business system facilitates companies to entertain and engage customers while enhancing marketing efforts.
  5. Mobility boosts productivity: With easy and remote data access, productivity can be increased substantially. Enterprise mobile apps also enable enterprises to increase flexibility.

Ecosmob offers you premium Enterprise mobile apps with a client-centric approach to enable enterprises to embrace mobility in the system.

How Android App Development benefits Gaming Industry

Android is the most prevalent smartphone OS in the world with over 80 percent market share. The Android app development services also flourish with the rise of Android platform as the most widely used OS. Today, as we witness a paradigm shift from laptop and PC to a smartphone or handheld devices, the gaming industry also opts for Android games more to get the most from this thriving operating system. The gaming industry leaders have started embracing the Android OS, and Pokemon Go is one of the examples. We all know that the game has recorded a phenomenal success all over.

Android game development can open the doors of opportunities for the gaming companies as Android OS empowers a wide range of devices like smartphones, tablets, smart TVs, and smartwatches. Growing sales number of Android-powered devices have increased the importance of Android game development and companies that want to have their games prefer Android platform to develop top quality gaming products while managing their resources efficiently. A professional Android app development company can offer various gaming options and provide an end-to-end solution from development to deployment of games. As PC games and console games are getting obsolete with a rapid pace, days are not far when Android games will replace them all. Various aspects of trending technologies like AR, VR, 3D gaming can be readily integrate into an Android game for offering a lifelike experience. Apart from this, there are a few benefits of developing Android games for the gaming industry:

  1. Bigger audience: An Android game can help the gaming company reach a vast Android device-using audience. As compared to the PC and console-based games, Android games can become more popular in a short time.
  2. Reduced TTM (Time To Market): Android game deployment procedure is relatively short and it is easy to get noticed on Google Play with an innovative and interesting game irrespective of genres. Agile methodology can reduce TTM for an Android game with a quicker turnaround.
  3. One-time charge: Google Play takes only one-time charge for submitting any game, therefore, the gaming companies can readily launch their games without spending many bucks.
  4. Affordable development costs: Android game development process does not require a huge investment to begin with, and the companies can opt for an Android game with a reasonable development cost.
  5. High RoI: A groundbreaking Android app can be developed without spending big bucks, and can become rewarding with user-friendly gaming features and excellent gameplay. In a way, an Android app has a potential to offer a high RoI.

What’s more, it is easy to gain a competitive edge over peers with engaging Android games, and the gaming company can earn high revenue from such games.

Ecosmob, a leading Android app development company, offers Android gaming solutions through using the cutting-edge technology. Our Android app developers are well-versed with the latest Android SDK to build highly engaging and interactive games.

Importance of Class 5 Softswitch

VoIP Softswitch is a multiservice telephony server known for switching the calls between telephone lines in the telecommunication network. It is analogous to the traditionally-built hardware PBX. Depending upon the area of serving, we have two categories namely, Class 4 Softswitch and Class 5 Softswitch. Class 4 Softswitches are meant for a long distance telephony, whereas, Class 5 Softswitches deal with long distance as well as short distance telecommunication.

A Class 5 Softswitch provides a carrier-grade platform for business and residential VoIP routing. Class 5 Softswitch offers several VoIP phone services such as call waiting, call transfer, call holding and call forwarding. Other significant features of Class 5 Softswitch solution are listed as follows:

  1. Call authentication: We have multi-layered security and thus we offer the call authentication. The caller’s details will not be shared with anyone unless requested by the caller.
  2. Efficient call routing: Class 5 Softswitch offers the least cost for call routing and provides multiple routing plans for load sharing or load balancing for termination endpoints.
  3. Automatic package billing: Class 5 Softswitch solution offers minute metering, that results in automatic bill generation. It allows you to choose the subscription packages of your choice. It provides an advanced rating for the national and international calls. With Softswitch, we can facilitate customers with an e-bill payment in multi-currency so that it can be accessed from anywhere.

All these features can offer the following benefits to the enterprise clients:

  1. Manage your services for free: In the Softswitch, there is no maintenance cost involved to manage the services of Class 5 Softswitch solution. Upgrading your software is easier with downloading the new software or by updating the server.
  2. Improved ROI: With no additional hardware to purchase, VoIP Softswitches are more cost-efficient than traditional switches. Numerous features like routing, billing, reporting, and monitoring can reduce your investment in different solutions and improves ROI of your business.
  3. Network scalability: Class 5 Softswitch solutions can be scaled up and down easily. They can be easily deployed to route calls within cities, organizations, states, or even in the small countries.

At Ecosmob, we offer the best-in-market Class 5 Softswitch solutions for enterprises that offer the VoIP services. We provide round-the-clock assistance to manage your software solution more efficiently.

IPTV App Development Benefits

IPTV (Internet Protocol Television) technology is transforming the television industry into an interactive content sharing industry. The technology is about generating a solution that is capable of receiving and displaying video streams which are encoded as a variety of IP packets. IPTV apps are there for the delivery of television content through IP or a broadband Internet connection. It is the fastest emerging technology and gaining ground on the market globally.

The IPTV utilizes the internet for deploying various types of content including audio, video, music, games, and multimedia for both private and corporate network. IPTV application development allows users to have access only to the content they have subscribed. The primary benefits of the IPTV app development are listed as:

  1. Customized channels for users : With custom IPTV application development, you can pay for the channels or the shows that they watch in particular. You need not pay for all the channels as in traditional cable television and can choose channels as per your requirement.
  2. Pay-per-view charges: Companies can allow the access to the pre-recorded content that is already accessible through the IPTV applications. They can charge the viewers on the pay-per-view basis. It also increases the viewers and subscribers.
  3. Notification for upcoming events: With customized IPTV applications, you can notify your viewers about an upcoming event or shows with the mini advertisements. You can also earn by allowing such advertisements on your IPTV channel.
  4. Earn with Advertisements: Using the IPTV application development, companies can make their individual IPTV network. Deploying these customized apps they can generate more revenue through advertisements. It helps advertisers to place their advertisements or voting campaigns on the demographic information. It offers an easy way to target the audience and design advertisements accordingly.
  5. Invoice for data streaming: By building personalized IPTV apps, companies can charge their customers for premium access of the content. You can invoice bills on the monthly, quarterly or annual basis.
  6. Media broadcasting method: IPTV can basically be said to be a media broadcasting method. It became popular for Video on Demand and live broadcasts. IPTV app development has enabled a new paradigm for watching videos. It gives users the freedom to watch whatever they choose a time preferred by them. When subscribing to a particular channel, you will be notified about the schedule of its live streaming and repeated telecasts.


At Ecosmob, our team of developers can offer the best-in-market IPTV app development with numerous features which can enhance the TV viewing experience and also allow users to make a choice regarding the content to be watched.