How Android App Development benefits Gaming Industry

Android is the most prevalent smartphone OS in the world with over 80 percent market share. The Android app development services also flourish with the rise of Android platform as the most widely used OS. Today, as we witness a paradigm shift from laptop and PC to a smartphone or handheld devices, the gaming industry also opts for Android games more to get the most from this thriving operating system. The gaming industry leaders have started embracing the Android OS, and Pokemon Go is one of the examples. We all know that the game has recorded a phenomenal success all over.

Android game development can open the doors of opportunities for the gaming companies as Android OS empowers a wide range of devices like smartphones, tablets, smart TVs, and smartwatches. Growing sales number of Android-powered devices have increased the importance of Android game development and companies that want to have their games prefer Android platform to develop top quality gaming products while managing their resources efficiently. A professional Android app development company can offer various gaming options and provide an end-to-end solution from development to deployment of games. As PC games and console games are getting obsolete with a rapid pace, days are not far when Android games will replace them all. Various aspects of trending technologies like AR, VR, 3D gaming can be readily integrate into an Android game for offering a lifelike experience. Apart from this, there are a few benefits of developing Android games for the gaming industry:

  1. Bigger audience: An Android game can help the gaming company reach a vast Android device-using audience. As compared to the PC and console-based games, Android games can become more popular in a short time.
  2. Reduced TTM (Time To Market): Android game deployment procedure is relatively short and it is easy to get noticed on Google Play with an innovative and interesting game irrespective of genres. Agile methodology can reduce TTM for an Android game with a quicker turnaround.
  3. One-time charge: Google Play takes only one-time charge for submitting any game, therefore, the gaming companies can readily launch their games without spending many bucks.
  4. Affordable development costs: Android game development process does not require a huge investment to begin with, and the companies can opt for an Android game with a reasonable development cost.
  5. High RoI: A groundbreaking Android app can be developed without spending big bucks, and can become rewarding with user-friendly gaming features and excellent gameplay. In a way, an Android app has a potential to offer a high RoI.

What’s more, it is easy to gain a competitive edge over peers with engaging Android games, and the gaming company can earn high revenue from such games.

Ecosmob, a leading Android app development company, offers Android gaming solutions through using the cutting-edge technology. Our Android app developers are well-versed with the latest Android SDK to build highly engaging and interactive games.


Importance of Class 5 Softswitch

VoIP Softswitch is a multiservice telephony server known for switching the calls between telephone lines in the telecommunication network. It is analogous to the traditionally-built hardware PBX. Depending upon the area of serving, we have two categories namely, Class 4 Softswitch and Class 5 Softswitch. Class 4 Softswitches are meant for a long distance telephony, whereas, Class 5 Softswitches deal with long distance as well as short distance telecommunication.

A Class 5 Softswitch provides a carrier-grade platform for business and residential VoIP routing. Class 5 Softswitch offers several VoIP phone services such as call waiting, call transfer, call holding and call forwarding. Other significant features of Class 5 Softswitch solution are listed as follows:

  1. Call authentication: We have multi-layered security and thus we offer the call authentication. The caller’s details will not be shared with anyone unless requested by the caller.
  2. Efficient call routing: Class 5 Softswitch offers the least cost for call routing and provides multiple routing plans for load sharing or load balancing for termination endpoints.
  3. Automatic package billing: Class 5 Softswitch solution offers minute metering, that results in automatic bill generation. It allows you to choose the subscription packages of your choice. It provides an advanced rating for the national and international calls. With Softswitch, we can facilitate customers with an e-bill payment in multi-currency so that it can be accessed from anywhere.

All these features can offer the following benefits to the enterprise clients:

  1. Manage your services for free: In the Softswitch, there is no maintenance cost involved to manage the services of Class 5 Softswitch solution. Upgrading your software is easier with downloading the new software or by updating the server.
  2. Improved ROI: With no additional hardware to purchase, VoIP Softswitches are more cost-efficient than traditional switches. Numerous features like routing, billing, reporting, and monitoring can reduce your investment in different solutions and improves ROI of your business.
  3. Network scalability: Class 5 Softswitch solutions can be scaled up and down easily. They can be easily deployed to route calls within cities, organizations, states, or even in the small countries.

At Ecosmob, we offer the best-in-market Class 5 Softswitch solutions for enterprises that offer the VoIP services. We provide round-the-clock assistance to manage your software solution more efficiently.

IPTV App Development Benefits

IPTV (Internet Protocol Television) technology is transforming the television industry into an interactive content sharing industry. The technology is about generating a solution that is capable of receiving and displaying video streams which are encoded as a variety of IP packets. IPTV apps are there for the delivery of television content through IP or a broadband Internet connection. It is the fastest emerging technology and gaining ground on the market globally.

The IPTV utilizes the internet for deploying various types of content including audio, video, music, games, and multimedia for both private and corporate network. IPTV application development allows users to have access only to the content they have subscribed. The primary benefits of the IPTV app development are listed as:

  1. Customized channels for users : With custom IPTV application development, you can pay for the channels or the shows that they watch in particular. You need not pay for all the channels as in traditional cable television and can choose channels as per your requirement.
  2. Pay-per-view charges: Companies can allow the access to the pre-recorded content that is already accessible through the IPTV applications. They can charge the viewers on the pay-per-view basis. It also increases the viewers and subscribers.
  3. Notification for upcoming events: With customized IPTV applications, you can notify your viewers about an upcoming event or shows with the mini advertisements. You can also earn by allowing such advertisements on your IPTV channel.
  4. Earn with Advertisements: Using the IPTV application development, companies can make their individual IPTV network. Deploying these customized apps they can generate more revenue through advertisements. It helps advertisers to place their advertisements or voting campaigns on the demographic information. It offers an easy way to target the audience and design advertisements accordingly.
  5. Invoice for data streaming: By building personalized IPTV apps, companies can charge their customers for premium access of the content. You can invoice bills on the monthly, quarterly or annual basis.
  6. Media broadcasting method: IPTV can basically be said to be a media broadcasting method. It became popular for Video on Demand and live broadcasts. IPTV app development has enabled a new paradigm for watching videos. It gives users the freedom to watch whatever they choose a time preferred by them. When subscribing to a particular channel, you will be notified about the schedule of its live streaming and repeated telecasts.


At Ecosmob, our team of developers can offer the best-in-market IPTV app development with numerous features which can enhance the TV viewing experience and also allow users to make a choice regarding the content to be watched.

Business Importance of LG WebOS Application Development

Web applications are responsible to make the system and devices more intelligent, thus, they are more frequent these days. They can also be designed for specific devices. WebOS application development is like building a small brain for the device. Let’s understand the WebOS concept first before understanding its importance for the global business.

WebOS is the Linux-based multitasking mobile operating system used for smart devices like smart TVs, smartphones etc. It is known with several names like Palm WebOS, HP webOS etc. Later, HP made it open source platform, and it came to known as Open WebOS. Then, application software was acquired by LG, and the application became famous with the name LG webOS.

The WebOS architecture is very similar to the normal desktop interface. One of the distinct features of WebOS is that it makes all device applications, web applications created with HTML, CSS and Javascript by utilizing the Javascript Framework. WebOS offers the smarter and hassle-free way to access the entertainment on your terms. Benefitting features of LG WebOS application development are as follows:

  1. Multi-tasking interface: The application navigation uses multi-touch gestures on the touchscreen. It enables the users to flip from the left or right of the screen. Application can be easily closed by flipping the card up or simply by switching off the screen. Application cards can be easily re-arranged this way.
  2. Gesture interface: Gesture interface is designed to respond to the hand gestures. The magic remote is an epitome of the gesture interface in which the device is programmed in a way to respond to the hand gestures.
  3. Banner notification feature: In order to make navigate options easy, WebOS employs a banner notification feature. When you will switch to a new application, you don’t close the previous one. So, you will be receiving the banner notification about the previous application as well and you can handle both of them simultaneously. The banner notifications don’t interfere with your card’s window and are independent, meaning you can look at one while keeping an eye on the other.
  4. App store: With app store, you can run and download third party applications as well. LG WebOS app development enables the officially vetted third-party apps are accessible to be installed on the device.
  5. Over-the-air(OTA) updates: The OS can be updated linking to a PC instead receiving OS updates over the carrier connection.

At Ecosmob, we have a team of experts in webOS app development. We handle the projects in building the smart TV, smartwatch and smartphone applications. With our LG webOS app development, you can get the customized services and solutions for your LG smart devices.

Four Key Attributes of Wearable App Development

Wearable technology enables individuals to wear the wearable gadgets to track the information regarding health and fitness. These gadgets can be often named as fashion electronics, wearables, fashion gadgets, tech toys, etc. Wearable app development is responsible for gathering fitness and health-related information without human intervention.

As the trend of smart devices is prevailing and IoT (Internet of Things) concept is flourishing, everything is turning smarter with the wearable apps. Now, we have smart clothing, activity trackers like smart watches, smart helmets, etc. People have started embracing the wearable devices and taking benefit of this amazing technological advancement. Wearable application development has a wide scope of growth in the future.

One of the important characteristics of wearable technology is its ability to connect to the Internet, which enables data to be exchanged easily between a network and the device. In addition to this, the other features of wearable app development are listed as:

  1. Excellent user experience: Usability of the wearable device is decided on the grounds of the required features. The wearable app development can offer excellent user experience through simplifying complex business processes.
  2. Data security: Security is an important concern while building the smart devices. They aren’t just meant to collect the information, but to keep them secure as well. You can use the features like voice recognition or hand gesture to facilitate easy data access on the cloud without breaching the security protocol. Moreover, two-factor authentication, secure cloud access, secure browsers and email applications must be taken as primary authentication feature.
  3. Easy to integrate with the technologies: Wearable app development is performed in such a way that it can be easily integrated with other budding technologies like Internet of things (IoT), UI/UX designs and development, Augmented Reality (AR), etc. This keeps away the developer from building the basic application multiple times and enables them to use the prototype while deploying new technology to add advanced features.
  4. Customized notification: During the smartwatch app development and Apple watch development, applications are designed to have the customized notification messages with a limited number of words. You can also use a voice note or color coding for proper notification.

Ecosmob is a VoIP solution provider and mobile app and website development company. We deliver you the best-in-market, wearable app development solutions to integrate with iOS, Android, and other mobile technologies.

VoIP Softswitch-A Boon for Service Providers

In the telecom industry, the call switching process has been used for many years to connect the caller to the recipient. Earlier, it was performed manually using the PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network). But with the passage of time and the advancement of VoIP technology, this switching process has become automated.

VoIP Softswitch is the heart of VoIP networks and has been evolving since inception. The VoIPSwitch is the central device responsible for switching the phone calls between telephone lines through using VoIP technology and general purpose servers. VoIP Softswitch or VoIPSwitch is typically used to control connections at the intersection of the packet-switched and circuit-switched networks. It can be used for long distance communication as well as for short distance or local communication. Depending upon their range, VoIP Softswitch is categorized as- Class 4 Softswitch and Class 5 Softswitch.

Class 4 soft switches are employed to handle the transit traffic between the carriers only. Their main function is to handle the greater traffic of long distance calls. They enable VoIP service providers a cost-efficient scaling of voice services while offering a reliable presence between inter-exchange carriers.

Whereas, the Class-5 Softswitch is like a software-based telephone switch or telephone exchange in the public switched telephone network located at the local telephone company’s central office, directly serving subscribers. It targets the end users directly. It can be used for both local as well as long distance communications.

You can choose the dedicated VoIPSwitch for the short or long distance transmissions while satisfying your business communication requirements. Here are some of the primary features of soft switches that benefit the VoIP service providers worldwide :

  1. Easy billing: Softswitches support easy billing and offer prepaid as well as postpaid services. It keeps the track of billing hours and additional information about the user. It supports multi-currency transactions and mobile top-up recharge plans. It enables real time multi-layer charging. It also keeps the track of previous recharges and recharge attempts made by the user.
  2. Flexible and easy access GUI: VoIP Softswitch provides a plainer interface for local or remote control management for configuration, maintenance, software updates, etc. It enables you to make a choice between a web-based GUI and a command line interface.
  3. Affordable call monitoring solutions: VoIP Softswitch is an affordable switching solution that charges calls on per second rate. It has a GUI to provide the real-time information in the call log and offers detailed information on SIP logs. It also keeps the track of connected, pending and fake calls.

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Six Reasons for Corporates to embrace Audio Conferencing Solutions

Marketing is all about convincing people to buy products and services that can mutually benefit your business. How can that be possibly done without healthy and pleasant communication? Effective communication acts as a bridge between you and your clients and customers while meeting several business requirements.

Conferencing solutions can optimize the productivity and enable you to communicate beyond geographical barriers and time constraints while saving travel expenses. Amongst audio-video-web conferencing, audio conferencing solutions are easier to setup. You can arrange the conference involving two parties or multiple parties using an audio conferencing software.


Here are the certain reasons why you should be opting for the audio conferencing solutions:

  1. Affordable solution: Audio conferencing is comparatively cheaper than other conferencing solutions and facilitates seamless communication with an excellent clarity.
  2. Easily accessible: Audio conferencing solutions are easier to access and to set up. To attend an audio conference you need not bother about your location or any specific device.
  3. Deploys basic telephone technology: Audio conferencing is based on simple telephone technology. All you need is a clear telephone line and a sound instrument. After setting up any conference, the host provides the number and a password to all the participants of the conference. The process of participating in the conference is as easy as it can be operated by any person and it doesn’t require any technical knowledge.
  4. Saves you from tedious traveling: Communication can be very expensive considering the travel and accommodation costs for the employees or business partners who need to participate in a meeting or a seminar. However, with audio conferencing solutions, we can set up a meeting anytime and anywhere.
  5. Record your meetings: It is difficult to record any physical, face-to-face meeting,  but when you arrange conference through audio conferencing, recording is an inbuilt feature. You can record an entire conference, be it of any duration. Mostly, such recordings are in the MP3 format, or you can change the format as well.
  6. Secure communication: Conference calls are highly secure. There is no chance of losing your valuable data or the conversations made during the conference. All content remains confidential if you choose the right provider and assess their security features.


At Ecosmob, our team of expert and experienced VoIP developers develops the premium audio conferencing software as a powerful mean of communication for your business. The conferencing solution is the cost-effective mean of communication that enables companies to establish real-time interactions while facilitating them to take critical decisions.

Importance of Multi Tenant Solutions for VoIP Domain

Sustaining a business these days is more difficult than establishing it as there is an intense competition in the current age of globalization. Every business needs a robust communication system to meet their business needs and to facilitate the expansion while handling the growing competition on the market.

Conferencing solutions offer the feasible solutions to the communication and conferencing requirements of your business. You can boost your sales and intensify the distant collaborations with the multi-tenant conferencing solutions. These solutions work on the concept of multi-tenancy. Multi-tenancy is the software architecture that serves multiple customers, which are individually named as tenants. In some solutions, tenants may or may not be given the ability to change a few features of the application or application interface, but they can never change the application’s code.

With the multi-tenant business conferencing solutions, you can get the affordable audio, video, and web conferencing solutions for fulfilling your business requirements. Multi-Tenant solution enables providers with everything they need to deliver, manage, monitor and bill for competitive conferencing services on a single platform.

Here are the certain benefits of multi-tenant solutions stating their importance for the VoIP networks:

  1. Scalable: Multi-tenant solutions assure that you can run multiple concurrent conferences without any glitch. It is successfully tested by the conference services provider for hundreds of multiple concurrent conferences. It is definitely a scalable solution. So, when the number of tenants increases, you just need to increase your server capacity.
  2. Cost-savvy solutions: With the multi-tenancy, you can use the same software license for multiple clients and multiple devices that are linked on the server. This saves the cost involved in the purchase of the license for each device individually for every server.
  3. Supports web communications: It uses the customer-oriented web applications with the single instance for serving multiple clients. Thus, it supports the web communication while enabling the web conferencing solutions.
  4. Easy-to-use and manage: The Multi-tenant solution is entirely client-centric and easy to interface. It is provided with the alluring graphical user interface (GUI), and doesn’t require any additional plugins. Hence, it is easier to use.
  5. Highly secure solutions: In the multi-tenant solution, the data of multiple users are co-mingled and is available on the server. Thus, there is a rigid security on the server.
  6. Say no to extra hardware: When using the multi-tenant conferencing solutions you won’t be requiring the extra hardware even if your number of clients increases. With the gradual increase in the number, you simply have to assign the available IP addresses on the server, and you can proceed further with setting up the conference. This also saves your investment in new devices with your increasing requirement.


Ecosmob renders the delivery of reliable, feature-rich and mobile-capable VoIP solutions to the business clients and resellers along with the Multi-tenant solutions. We provide the solutions to multiple premises and global clientele through using technological advancements.

Five Fabulous Business Benefits of IoS Apps in Construction Industry


These days, smartphones are in trend, which saves a plenty of precious time to travel for casual conversations and assist greatly in simplifying business activities. One of the greatest beneficiaries of this prevalent trend is a construction sector. Today, construction professionals face many challenges like the in-time completion of projects, with the quality control and assured safety. Mobile apps can assist them greatly in overcoming these challenges.

As per the JBKnowledge Construction Technology Report, 72% of construction professionals use smartphones and 50.1% use tablets on the construction site. With the surge in the number of iPhone and iPad users, iOS emerges as one of the most appropriate platforms for building IoS apps for the construction sector.

Here’s a short list of customized iOS apps’ benefits that will transform the construction business over the next few years:

  1. Improved communication: Usually when an architect is asked to make certain changes in the planning, he has to leave his office and move to the construction site, grabs set of blueprints and heads back to the office with the different version of blueprints. Now, with custom iOS apps, architects need not travel between the places, they can simply open up their iPad to do the necessary changes in the blueprint app, mark up the problem and can email it from his current location.

  2. Easy to carry documentation: When handling the commercial construction projects like road and bridge construction, school construction etc, maintaining the documentation is extremely necessary for the legal reasons. Creating an individual app for construction services can help companies manage all the necessary documents. With realty iOS apps, constructors can store the text as well as images and other relevant data with ease.

  3. Enables daily reporting: Creating a separate app for construction and project personnel can help companies handle the daily reporting. It also allows employees to easily update the daily report by filling the field reporting forms. It enables easy submission without any wastage of paper.

  4. Simple customer feedback: A custom iOS app enables the customers to monitor daily progress of the construction work anywhere and anytime conveniently. In case any of the clients disagree or want to have certain customizations, they can simply update it in the app. Also, real estate iOS apps provide the detailed information about the company, and the realtors can also share the information of upcoming and previous projects. This enhances the client’s trust.

  5. Check the progress with analytics: The most frustrating thing about the construction company is that what’s going on the field is not in the absolute accordance with the blueprint or the plan. But, the companies can keep an eye on the qualitative and the quantitative work accomplished by the laborers through enterprise-grade iOS apps. Integration of Google Analytics in a customized iOS application can completely revolutionize the way of task accomplishment for a construction sector.

At Ecosmob, you can get the premium iOS apps to promote your construction business. It enhances mobility, improves management and enables to get a real-time information. With our custom iOS apps, you can integrate an existing system and a customized website to enhance your brand value.

Why E-commerce Sector needs Contact Center Solutions

As digitization and automation gain ground in every field, people prefer to shop online from various ecommerce stores over the traditional brick-and-mortar shops. E-Commerce enables customers to shop anytime and anywhere without any fuss of moving in the crowded marketplace and make price comparison among various brands.

But, the story doesn’t end with the purchase of certain products, you should know whether or not the customer is happy with the product quality and services. Customer satisfaction is the utmost priority for any business. If, for some reason, the customer fails to stay in touch with the company in today’s competitive age, it could be harmful for any organization.

Right from the lead generation to customer retention, you need solutions that revolve around your customers’ satisfaction. The call center solutions enable customers to get their inquiries answered via a phone call only. Whereas, the tailored contact center solutions offer facilities like chat services, email, instant messaging, and web interfaces. The Contact center software can support the contact centers to handle inbound, outbound and blended call center solutions with the additional benefits.

Here some of the interesting ways in which contact center solutions can benefit the e-commerce sector:

  1. Round-the-clock connectivity: An e-commerce sector requires 24*7 connectivity with the consumers, which can be difficult when handled manually. With the contact center software, it can be easily solved through useful features like auto answer, multiple call handling, missed call tracking, video conferencing, business notifications etc.

  2. Real-time solutions: With the contact center solutions, customers can communicate their problems with real-time video communications as well. At times, live video can be more helpful in convincing your customer about the functioning of a certain product.

  3. Multichannel communication: Contact center solution enables customers to communicate through using multiple contact channels such as voice, SMS, email, chat etc. It gives customers the flexibility to choose the method of contact at any given time, and enables your organization to provide the same prompt, informed customer experience across all channels.

  4. Helps boost sales: When a consumer comes across a new eCommerce store, the first instinct is to verify the credibility of the business to make up for the lack of direct touch and feel of the products to ensure quality. When callers are welcomed with a pre-recorded message and their queries are addressed instantly, they feel safe to deal with the organization and that ultimately boosts your sales.

Ecosmob offers you the premium contact center software for enhancing your business scalability. Our modular, scalable & reliable contact center solutions will help you maximize productivity and flexibility of your online business.