Four Key Attributes of Wearable App Development

Wearable technology enables individuals to wear the wearable gadgets to track the information regarding health and fitness. These gadgets can be often named as fashion electronics, wearables, fashion gadgets, tech toys, etc. Wearable app development is responsible for gathering fitness and health-related information without human intervention.

As the trend of smart devices is prevailing and IoT (Internet of Things) concept is flourishing, everything is turning smarter with the wearable apps. Now, we have smart clothing, activity trackers like smart watches, smart helmets, etc. People have started embracing the wearable devices and taking benefit of this amazing technological advancement. Wearable application development has a wide scope of growth in the future.

One of the important characteristics of wearable technology is its ability to connect to the Internet, which enables data to be exchanged easily between a network and the device. In addition to this, the other features of wearable app development are listed as:

  1. Excellent user experience: Usability of the wearable device is decided on the grounds of the required features. The wearable app development can offer excellent user experience through simplifying complex business processes.
  2. Data security: Security is an important concern while building the smart devices. They aren’t just meant to collect the information, but to keep them secure as well. You can use the features like voice recognition or hand gesture to facilitate easy data access on the cloud without breaching the security protocol. Moreover, two-factor authentication, secure cloud access, secure browsers and email applications must be taken as primary authentication feature.
  3. Easy to integrate with the technologies: Wearable app development is performed in such a way that it can be easily integrated with other budding technologies like Internet of things (IoT), UI/UX designs and development, Augmented Reality (AR), etc. This keeps away the developer from building the basic application multiple times and enables them to use the prototype while deploying new technology to add advanced features.
  4. Customized notification: During the smartwatch app development and Apple watch development, applications are designed to have the customized notification messages with a limited number of words. You can also use a voice note or color coding for proper notification.

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Yii-The Next-gen Web Development Platform

Yii is an open source, object-oriented, component-based PHP designing framework. It is a secure, PHP-based framework for web and app development that offers excellently performing websites and web apps. Over the years, Yii applications are being developed for addressing different companies’ requirements. Yii web development has helped organizations handle the complexities through offering an easy development of interactive designs and accelerated development processes.

Initially, Yii was developed to fix the drawbacks the PRADO framework, but later, its official alpha version released in December 2008. Since it was released under the New BSD license, and it can be freely used to develop open-source or proprietary web applications.

The key features of Yii framework are listed as:

  1. MVC design pattern: Model-View-Controller (MVC) is the software architectural pattern used for implementing user interfaces on the desktop by dividing applications into 3 interconnected sections.It is useful for designing the web as well as web apps.
  2. Generation of WSDL: Yii framework is enabled with the generation of complex Web Services Description Language (WSDL) code. A WSDL document is initially generated from a message model, it defines web service requests and responses in terms of the messages that you have defined in that message model.
  3. Fast development: Yii is a complete web-development framework enables a rapid web application development.
  4. Error handling and logging: Yii attributes comprehensive error handling. It presents the errors more nicely with categorizing log messages by filtering and routes it to different destinations.
  5. Automatic code generation: It is one of the most important features. Yii enables automatic code generation with highly intuitive and extensible code generation tools like Gii tool. It saves you from the tedious and tiresome process of code generation, you can get the automatically generated code, once you feed the input.
  6. Security measures: The primary reason behind choosing Yii for the application and website development are the security concerns. Yii is well-equipped with several security measures to help to prevent the web and applications from attacks such as SQL injection, Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF), Cross-Site Scripting (XSS), and cookie tampering.


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Five Fabulous Business Benefits of IoS Apps in Construction Industry


These days, smartphones are in trend, which saves a plenty of precious time to travel for casual conversations and assist greatly in simplifying business activities. One of the greatest beneficiaries of this prevalent trend is a construction sector. Today, construction professionals face many challenges like the in-time completion of projects, with the quality control and assured safety. Mobile apps can assist them greatly in overcoming these challenges.

As per the JBKnowledge Construction Technology Report, 72% of construction professionals use smartphones and 50.1% use tablets on the construction site. With the surge in the number of iPhone and iPad users, iOS emerges as one of the most appropriate platforms for building IoS apps for the construction sector.

Here’s a short list of customized iOS apps’ benefits that will transform the construction business over the next few years:

  1. Improved communication: Usually when an architect is asked to make certain changes in the planning, he has to leave his office and move to the construction site, grabs set of blueprints and heads back to the office with the different version of blueprints. Now, with custom iOS apps, architects need not travel between the places, they can simply open up their iPad to do the necessary changes in the blueprint app, mark up the problem and can email it from his current location.

  2. Easy to carry documentation: When handling the commercial construction projects like road and bridge construction, school construction etc, maintaining the documentation is extremely necessary for the legal reasons. Creating an individual app for construction services can help companies manage all the necessary documents. With realty iOS apps, constructors can store the text as well as images and other relevant data with ease.

  3. Enables daily reporting: Creating a separate app for construction and project personnel can help companies handle the daily reporting. It also allows employees to easily update the daily report by filling the field reporting forms. It enables easy submission without any wastage of paper.

  4. Simple customer feedback: A custom iOS app enables the customers to monitor daily progress of the construction work anywhere and anytime conveniently. In case any of the clients disagree or want to have certain customizations, they can simply update it in the app. Also, real estate iOS apps provide the detailed information about the company, and the realtors can also share the information of upcoming and previous projects. This enhances the client’s trust.

  5. Check the progress with analytics: The most frustrating thing about the construction company is that what’s going on the field is not in the absolute accordance with the blueprint or the plan. But, the companies can keep an eye on the qualitative and the quantitative work accomplished by the laborers through enterprise-grade iOS apps. Integration of Google Analytics in a customized iOS application can completely revolutionize the way of task accomplishment for a construction sector.

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How Mobile Apps are Beneficial for Small Business

Most people think that mobile apps are only for the well-established businesses with large budgets, but it’s a myth. Companies, irrespective of their size and business models, have started focusing on consumer-focused apps while considering opportunities to connect with the target audiences and showcasing their products.

Why Android mobile apps/ iOS mobile apps?

In today’s mobile-driven era, it’s hard to think any source better than Android Mobile apps and iOS mobile apps to engage customers and increase your market reach. Indeed, the enterprise mobile applications are the best way to stay ahead of the curve in the current challenging business scenario. The app is beneficial for the internal process management, enabling the mobile workforce, helping to assist customers, increasing market reach, etc. Also, the number of people accessing the Internet from their cell phones has already surpassed the number of users who access the Internet from desktops.

Our next concern is, how mobile apps can be helpful in connecting your business with the target audience. Apart from enabling market presence round-the-clock, how will it help you in making your brand image? So, here are certain ways explaining the benefits of mobile apps for small businesses:

  1. Make stronger brand value: The customized mobile application offers consumers to establish communication with your brand. It enables you to interact with the audience gradually and offering the services in accordance with the market trend. The after- sales reviews also matter for making your brand image, which you can get through such apps. Mobile apps can strengthen your brand while educating your customers about your products and services.

  2. Generate online traffic: With every individual owning a smartphone, it is, even easier and profitable to develop apps that can be accessed and used to gain information. The easier it is for the customer to find important information, the better will be the conversion rates. At times, a good Android mobile app can gather greater traffic than a website.

  3. Enhance sales: A user-friendly Android app is easy to access. It also enables clients to access the website at any point of time. However, the apps offer easy sharing of products over messengers and other social networking platforms. It allows customers to choose products from multiple options and buy them through using their smartphones rather than limiting the accessibility to desktops only.

  4. New updates with push notifications: You can send push notification on every update through a business-grade mobile application. It is better than email marketing and offers more chances to grow the business.

  5. Boost profits: Customer satisfaction always results in the increase of sales figures. People, pleased with your products and business, can be vocal representatives of your company. There are several analytics tools that permit you to check that how your customers are connecting with your app and the way it is boosting your business.

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How Customized iPad App Development can Benefit Lifestyle Industry

Today, the lifestyle industry is an umbrella term that includes highly diverse and unique sectors including babysitting, renting new stuff for trial, waste management, smart work, cycling safety, reconnecting with the offline world, and the like. In other words, the lifestyle industry has an immense potential, and any idea that can change people’s lives have the capability of getting entry into this amazing segment. However, many unique lifestyle-related ideas have remained unsung just because of a lack of proper marketing and failure in reaching to more and more people. Fortunately, nowadays, the technology gives every unique idea a great platform with the help of quality iPad application development. People become wonderstruck when Apple launched this awesome device for the first time 7 years back. Since then, an iPad has opened the doors of many opportunities for entrepreneurs and startups of a lifestyle industry.

Here we go through ten noteworthy aspects through which custom iPad application development can transform the lifestyle industry while enhancing sales and boosting productivity:

  1. Massive reach: It is an undeniable fact that iPads steadily gain ground worldwide with its stunning, user-friendly features and seamless performance. As a lifestyle industry player, you can address a huge iPad-using audience led by affluent US people and boost your business with the rise in demand for your services or products.

  1. Simplicity and flexibility: Customized iPad apps can simplify the complex business processes and enable you to improve flexibility regarding user-friendliness. Lifestyle apps need to be very simple in operation and require a customer-centric interface. Both these objectives can be readily achieved in tailored iPad applications.

  2. Marketing tool: You can promote your business through announcing special deals and promotional offers on the iPad apps in an engaging manner. As a marketing tool, your enterprise-grade iPad app can effectively and efficiently meet all the online promotion requirements of your business.

  1. Ease of instruction: The iPad comes with a big screen and you can readily give instructions or related information about your products or services through using an iPad application. Ease of instruction makes iPad the preferred choice for many enterprises engaged in lifestyle and B2C businesses.

  1. Competitive edge: A feature-rich iPad app is a weapon in your hand in today’s highly competitive business scenario. You can please your customers with the features they require most in the iPad app and eventually get a competitive edge through having a large user base consisted of loyal and happy customers.

  1. Ease of use: An iPad is perfectly designed for being used by all age groups. Even differently-abled persons can use it without much difficulty. This facility makes an iPad loved by many people and your lifestyle-based business can get a more traction through using an app developed for the targeted audience.

    In a nutshell, your lifestyle-related business can get a boost with an iPad application filled with desired features. All you need to contact a trusted and experienced iPad app development service provider.