How Android App Development benefits Gaming Industry

Android is the most prevalent smartphone OS in the world with over 80 percent market share. The Android app development services also flourish with the rise of Android platform as the most widely used OS. Today, as we witness a paradigm shift from laptop and PC to a smartphone or handheld devices, the gaming industry also opts for Android games more to get the most from this thriving operating system. The gaming industry leaders have started embracing the Android OS, and Pokemon Go is one of the examples. We all know that the game has recorded a phenomenal success all over.

Android game development can open the doors of opportunities for the gaming companies as Android OS empowers a wide range of devices like smartphones, tablets, smart TVs, and smartwatches. Growing sales number of Android-powered devices have increased the importance of Android game development and companies that want to have their games prefer Android platform to develop top quality gaming products while managing their resources efficiently. A professional Android app development company can offer various gaming options and provide an end-to-end solution from development to deployment of games. As PC games and console games are getting obsolete with a rapid pace, days are not far when Android games will replace them all. Various aspects of trending technologies like AR, VR, 3D gaming can be readily integrate into an Android game for offering a lifelike experience. Apart from this, there are a few benefits of developing Android games for the gaming industry:

  1. Bigger audience: An Android game can help the gaming company reach a vast Android device-using audience. As compared to the PC and console-based games, Android games can become more popular in a short time.
  2. Reduced TTM (Time To Market): Android game deployment procedure is relatively short and it is easy to get noticed on Google Play with an innovative and interesting game irrespective of genres. Agile methodology can reduce TTM for an Android game with a quicker turnaround.
  3. One-time charge: Google Play takes only one-time charge for submitting any game, therefore, the gaming companies can readily launch their games without spending many bucks.
  4. Affordable development costs: Android game development process does not require a huge investment to begin with, and the companies can opt for an Android game with a reasonable development cost.
  5. High RoI: A groundbreaking Android app can be developed without spending big bucks, and can become rewarding with user-friendly gaming features and excellent gameplay. In a way, an Android app has a potential to offer a high RoI.

What’s more, it is easy to gain a competitive edge over peers with engaging Android games, and the gaming company can earn high revenue from such games.

Ecosmob, a leading Android app development company, offers Android gaming solutions through using the cutting-edge technology. Our Android app developers are well-versed with the latest Android SDK to build highly engaging and interactive games.


How Android Application Development Benefits Your Real Estate Business

Mobile applications are the boon for promoting every business these days. The reason is simple: As per the recent stats, about 70% of mobile searches are followed up with the action within an hour thanks to the growing number of smartphone users. Today, more and more people are using the Android phones across the world, we can certainly expect that Android apps with desired features can work wonders for your business. Though a customized Android app development services can cater to various requirements of different industry sectors, we will see how a tailored Android app can benefit real estate business:

An Android application for the real estate business provides the platform for Realtors, Mortgage Companies, Agents, Brokers, Builders, Title Agencies, Loan Officers, Credit Repair, Lenders, Property Managers etc. while facilitating an easy communication about their property. It makes your projects smartphone friendly. As a realtor, you might have the idea that about 1/5 of real estate searches are done through smart devices and your Android app can enable you to get the most from the growing number of searches through handheld devices.

Here are the enlisted features of the Android application development for Real Estate Business:

  1. Easy and direct marketing channel: Android applications are easy-to-install and offer a highly reliable and more reachable source. The dedicated real estate Android app development empowers you to stay available to your customers around the clock, which ultimately results in increased business opportunities.

  1. Manageable attributes: Android apps offer several traits as one-touchdialing, checking the availability of the property, easy inventory management, quick real-time texting, image posting etc. These innovative ideas help in the trouble-free promotion of your real estate business.

  1. Listings and highlighted features: Putting your own listings is pretty easy over the apps. You can also highlight the features of your property which are key to generate more sales. These highlighted features serve as the distinguishing points amongst several available properties.

  1. Make a brand and grow your leads: A bespoke Android app can offer desired exposure to your real estate company while enabling you to directly share the location of your property and generate the leads for your business.

Thus, the Android application development can serve as a dynamic tool for real-estate clients,through empowering them to virtually put themselves into the middle of a property and explore it without any physical visit.

At Ecosmob Technologies, we provide premium Android app development services that assist you to boost your real estate business. We have professionals with the strong knowledge of business and app development technology domain to meet all the challenges of the real estate sector.