Softswitch Solution and Types Of Class 4 Switches Features and Advantages of Softswitch

The rise of VoIP has led to widespread use of softswitch solutions to serve as the intermediary in a telecom network comprising of standard PSTN and VoIP networks. Softswitches also serve to separate call functions from the transport layer. A softswitch can also function as a VoIP server and incorporate IP PBX call features. Softswitches are classified according to the functions they perform in the VoIP network.

Typically, telecom carriers and VoIP services make use of two different kinds of VoIP softswitches. One is class 4 softswitch and the other is class 5 softswitch. Class 5 softswitch works at the retail end of the VoIP network by connecting to the end user. Class 4 softswitch addresses the need of international bulk VoIP traffic from one telecom carrier to another.

Even in class 4 softswitch segment one can find two types of such switches. One is the local tandem switch or sector. This type of class 4 softswitch usually connects to class 5 softswitch to route traffic to local areas. Traffic from an exchange in one city originates in class 5 and tries to access a number in another city and, when it cannot, the class 4 tandem switch comes into play in the other city that, in turn, connects to the local class 5 softswitch and finds the number.

The other type of class 4 softswitch is the access tandem switch. This operates between bulk telecom carriers known as interexchange carriers. The local class 4 call travels across international networks to another telecom operator in another country and accesses the class 4 softswitch in that exchange. Class 4 softswitches can be configures to suit Competitive Local Exchange Carriers (CLECs), ITSPs, Incumbent Local Exchange Carriers (ILECs) and Multi-tenant environments in addition to bulk carriers.

Softswitches have changed the way telecom carriers operate. Open source based softswitches are software solutions and are highly affordable as well as scalable. There is no need to invest in hardware as traffic goes up. Softswitches do not just route calls; they also have other features such as billing and reporting. Then there are other features such as Do Not Disturb, call hold, call back, voice and video telephony, directory, voicemail, fax to mail, call blocking, call rejection, DID, extension dialing and intelligent call routing. Softswitches can route calls through predefined instructions and thereby lower cost of international calls. At the same time, the reporting and analytics as well as monitoring functions ensure that there is no call fraud and that no calls remain unbilled, thereby increasing revenues for carriers. Businesses that switch to VoIP enjoy benefits like cost reduction of calls and increased productivity besides other features like the ability to use services on IP PBX in house and on mobiles, a boon for mobile employees.


Freeswitch Based Contact Center Software Solution to Improve Workforce Management

Call centers and contact centers often select contact center solutions based on how well they perform in making or receiving calls. The workforce perspective is rarely taken into consideration as it deserves. Choosing the right contact center software that also helps in better workforce management and improves their performance is necessary.

Asterisk and Freeswitch are the two most popular platforms on which contact center solution development takes place. Freeswitch is open source and it has some features that make life easier for contact center operators and helps them manage their workforce better. Supervisors have barge-in and whisper facility in order to listen to conversations. They can barge in if they find a new employee is in need of assistance without the calling party becoming aware. Similarly, automatic call distribution distributes calls and routes calls intelligently to the right person. Employees are not disturbed and do not waste time in listening to a caller and then transferring the call to someone who is more suited. Call center employees are a busy lot and their cause is helped by the inclusion of a progressive dialer that only connects a call should a live person respond. This works in conjunction with answering machine detection. Multi-level dynamic IVR integration also relieves burden on employees by providing a measure of self-service for callers with calls being routed to live agents only in case of necessity.

How do employees perform is a concern for most supervisors and a special dashboard included in the contact center solution development process addresses this question by giving supervisors one touch access to all employees and their ongoing activities. Supervisors can just as well listen to call recordings and generate real time reports. One feature that is increasingly becoming more common is inclusion of WebRTC and its facility for face to face video chats. Callers certainly like knowing who they are chatting with and this feature also helps employees in call centers gauge mood of callers and adjust their responses.

A streamlined solution for contact center is not just about costs or how many simultaneous calls can be handled, which Freeswitch, by the way, does effortlessly, but it is also about making life easier for employees. Omnichannel support is a given in today’s world where a caller may use any channel to initiate a contact and then take it forward through another channel. A single interface for employees helps them switch lanes effortlessly. A happy workforce, needless to say, performs well.

All That Custom Freeswitch Development Can Do For You

Freeswitch is an open source platform that is, in many ways, more advanced than similar platforms. It can take care of audio, video and text communications over IP networks and interface with PSTN lines with full support for various protocols and codecs. It can also be used for office phone systems and by telephone carriers offering endpoint services to clients with rich feature sets like voicemail, IVR and conferencing besides including softphone functions.

What makes it so versatile is that at its core it is a library that can be embedded in applications that can run on various operating systems with a host of standalone independent modules. These are the endpoint module commonly used for VoIP Freeswitch development, application module that carries out functions like playing an IVR menu, conferencing and voicemail, dialplan for routing calls and others. Freeswitch development lends itself to customization quite well and it is up to the developer to offer modular solutions or an all inclusive one depending on the needs of customers.

VoIP carriers and service providers will find that if they choose a solution that is based on VoIP Freeswitch development then handling a large volume of calls simultaneously poses no problems and Freeswitch XML configuration permits easy configuration. An added advantage of Freeswitch is that the core API and internal event system take care of communication with an added plus being that WebRTC support is easy. Couple this with the modularity and carriers can choose to include features such as conferencing, fax servers and multi-tenant IVRs to name only a few.

While service providers do benefit by opting for Freeswitch platform, at the other end are users comprising of large and small enterprises that can benefit from modules based on Freeswitch development. Businesses thrive on conference and Freeswitch based conferencing solutions are not only affordable but when tied to WebRTC, offer a rich avenue of communications. Another area where businesses benefit from Freeswitch based solutions is the interactive voice response system. IVRs can be customized for specific functions such as booking appointments, booking tickets, payments, recharges and with a dynamic IVR builder in place, users can configure menus to avoid caller frustration with long wait times.

Since it is open source and free, what this translates to is that even highly customized and sophisticated solutions are possible at pleasingly affordable prices. Finding the right developer like Freeswitch Service is the key to putting in place Freeswitch based solutions that enhance productivity and efficiently.

Why Is IP PBX the Most Preferred Solution for Education Sector?

That’s said, IP PBX is picking the stems in the education sector. Earlier, there was hardly any communication taking place between teachers and parents due to interruptive and expensive communication system. The performance report was the only medium of interaction. But now, with the advances in technology, communication is improved and cost-effective giving the flexibility to teachers, parents and students learn the ongoing academic activities, students’ performance, etc after a specific interval of time.

Today, various schools, colleges, and academic centers have integrated IP PBX solution paving the ways of direct communication between teachers and parents. IP PBX solution is a complete package that boosts overall communication assisting the education sector to create awareness of their approach to learning environment.

Below are the major benefits of IP PBX solution for education sector:

  1. Increased Communication Effectiveness: IP PBX solutions provides the flexibility to parents directly interact with the teachers using the contact number followed by extension. This direct approach reduces the waiting time for the parent. Besides, due to cheap or zero cost rates, the communication time can be stretched helping parents know in detail the ongoing school activities and the students performance report.
  1. Call Attending Flexibility: One of the biggest advantages of integrating IP PBX solution is that it provides a couple of features like Find Me/Follow Me, call recording. There can be possibilities that the specific person may not be available around the campus during the call, so this Find Me/ Follow Me redirects the call to the person’s registered number in this case. Furthermore, this incredible solution records the complete call for the future use or quality check no matter the person is speaking via the office number or the alternate registered number.
  2. No maintenance no support: Earlier using the traditional telephony system there had to be a dedicated person to install the hardware and extra cables to allot business telephony modems to different departments. But now, there is no need. IP PBX solutions eliminates the hassles or mess of these additional resource. IP PBX is a simple software solution that needs to be installed in the main system and the extension can be allocated to different departments using the IP address. Hence, it nullifies the need of a specific human resource.
  1. Improved Customer Service & Productivity: IP PBX solution, being a software based solution facilitates admin to accumulate and analyze call records such as abandoned calls, callback statistics, average call duration on daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Thus, it offering real-time data enhancing productivity and customer service.

Summing Up

That concludes how IP PBX solution is proved to be effective in education sector.

Ecosmob offers IP PBX solution designed for academic centers with extensible support helping clients’ familiar with the system and ready to operate. So, if you are looking for technology who can help you in developing a customized IP PBX solution as per your needs, email us at or contact us at +91-79-40054019.

How Is IVR Appointment Scheduling Solution Effective For HealthCare Industry?

It would be wrong if we say that healthcare industry does not play a vital role in our lives. Scheduling regular appointments while calling at the clinics or hospitals is mandatory. If we look at it, appointment scheduling is a daunting task for human attendants because it is not at all easy to manage large call volume at a time. Sometimes, the attendants get exhausted to schedule appointments. On the other hand, while human attendants are managing these calls, the duration to fix doctor’s appointment is limited. Hence, patients have to be enormously particular about the call timings and book appointments.

How about scheduling doctor’s appointment is automated via IVR? Being an automated system, IVR can be of great help to the healthcare centers to improve communication and can be of great benefit to the hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare centers.

Below are the enthralling benefits of using IVR in Healthcare Industry for Appointment Scheduling:

  1. Reduces Workload: As said, it is not at all an easy task to manage large call volume for human attendants. Sometimes, there are only a couple of calls to attend and sometimes, the count increases to a huge number. How would a human attendant manage? The aftermath would be either getting pissed off or leave the job. The appointment booking IVR is a miraculous solution reducing the work of the human and simplifying the task by scheduling the appointments using a voice prompt.
  1. Convenience to Patients: Yes, you heard it right! This remarkable IVR solution offers 24* 7 support to patients eliminating the calling time restriction. It’s actually a relief to the patients as it gives the flexibility to fix the appointment anytime without risking your routine work.
  1. Improved Patients’ Satisfaction: In most cases, patients don’t seem to be satisfied when fixing appointments via human attendants. It is indeed not possible for a human to attend multiple calls and schedule appointment as per doctors and patients’ convenience. While using this IVR solution, whenever a patient calls, it receives an SMS or email about what the conversation was about with the appointment time. This indeed develops a sense of trust and satisfies the patient.
  1. Access to Calendar for Booking: This automated IVR appointment booking enables to access the calendar to avoid scheduling barriers. For instance; doctors won’t be available during holidays or off to vacations. In such cases, automated appointment booking IVR can provide patients either preceding or succeeding dates for health check-ups. Also, this automated solution can shoot an email or SMS to inform patients’ about appointment rescheduling.
  1. Minimize human errors: The traditional calling system wherein human attendants manage the large call volumes, possibilities to create blunders in fixing appointment resulting in patients and doctors disappointment. This automated attendant minimizes these errors to none streamlining the appointment fixing task and developing a level of trust and transparency amongst both the entities; patients and doctors.

Ending Note

When this automated IVR appointment scheduling system is offering an oodle of benefits why to stick with the traditional calling system and unnecessarily create a stressful environment for your employees. Ecosmob offers commendable appointment booking IVR solutions making this task easy, quick and effective. If you have a thought to develop such solution for your healthcare center, drop your requirements at or call us at +91-79-40054019. Our team will further assist you developing a better solution as per your requirements.

How Class 4 Softswitch Is Useful for VOIP Service Providers

This blog is in the continuation of the previous one- Analog of the two major VOIP solution- Class 4 Softswitch and Class 5 Softswitch wherein we discussed two different VOIP Softswitches in brief and their comparison. In this blog, we will discuss Class 4 Softswitch in detail.

Softswitches act as the key device that connects calls from one line to another, over different exchanges and transport areas, completely through the means of a software solution. Most of the calls are transmitted through electronic hardware but Softswitches route calls using VOIP servers. At present, telecommunication networks are leveraging the combination of the Softswitch and purpose-built hardware to make calls smooth without any interruption.

What is Class 4 Softswitch?

Class 4 Softswitch is a wholesale carrier that routes a substantially large volume of data between different exchanges and transport areas known as LATAs. It is completely different from the traditional hardware based call routing. The main qualities of Class 4 Softswitch are; track calls per second, average one time call routing, number of calls, protocol support and conversion.

Why is there a need for Class 4 SoftSwitch solution?

There were many barriers in the traditional telephony system, especially during long-distance calls. To dial an international call, we had to contact the telephone operator to transfer the call. This communication was expensive and sometimes interrupting, either the call used to not get connected or the disturbance in line broke the communication in the mid. The introduction of Class 4 Softswitch resolved the challenges making communication quick and easy like we never thought of. No extra calling cost. No extra hardware or software solution required for integration.

Main Features

  • Intelligent Call Routing
  • Geographic, Non-geographic and Nomadic Routing
  • User-friendly Web Interface
  • Load Balancing & Failover
  • WLR Clients
  • LNP & MNP Routing
  • Emergency Number Routing
  • Track Traffic Volume
  • Powerful Security Mechanism
  • Generate Call Reports (Inbound/Outbound & Unauthorized)
  • Fax Routing
  • Routing for Class 5 & Resellers
  • Black/White List Routing
  • Active Call Report


Benefits of Class 4 Softswitch

  1. Increase Productivity: Earlier days, long-distance communication was cumbersome as mentioned above. But VOIP has brought a groundbreaking change in the telecommunication network. Besides, there is no need for a person to act as an operator for switching calls from one carrier to another. Hence, this has reduced the manpower which can be utilized for other productive works.
  1. Cost-Effective & Secured Solution: VOIP and its various types of solutions are not backed by extra hardware or cable. You only need to install the software on the VOIP server which comprises a great storage capacity and complex security algorithm. So, this has curtailed the extraneous maintenance cost. Furthermore, both the server and solution are guarded by a complex security algorithm to eradicate cyber crimes and malware attacks. Hence, we can say that with Class 4 Softswitch solution, there is no need to worry about such matters.
  1. Easy Billing: Billing is one of the critical functionalities to count on. Class 4 Softswitch billing module is accurate in terms of managing and modifying the call rates and invoices for individual users. It makes easy for VOIP service providers to customize bills without consuming their valuable time and resources.
  1. Provide instant scalability to different carriers: Class 4 Softswitch is a wholesale carrier designed to route large volume of traffic between different carriers and transport areas. So, if the number of calls to transmit increases, the solution provides the flexibility to instantly manage the load of a number of calls and minimize call failure.

Ending Note

Hope you find the blog useful! Ecosmob is one the leading VOIP development company that offers a commendable Class 4 Softswitch solution allowing robust scaling of voice services. So, what are you waiting for? Leverage the advanced telecommunication technology and increase your business value. Drop your requirement at or call us at 91-79-40054019 for further assistance.

Analogy of Two Major VOIP Solutions: Class 4 Softswitch & Class 5 Softswitch

The introduction of VOIP has brought a revolution in the telecommunication industry. The major communication problems seemed to be solved and streamlined which was never thought of. Conferencing solutions introduced 3-way calling and sharing of content with a group of people located in separate places. IP PBX solved the biggest problem of internal communication by connecting IP address with the extension numbers. This eliminated the integration of extra hardware and cables. With Class 4 Softswitch and Class 5 Softswitch, trunk calls and long-distance calls became the things of the past.

In this blog, we will cover Softswitch, Class 5 Softswitch, Class 4 Softswitch and the analogy of the two. Class 4 and Class 5 Softswitch are a bit complex terms to understand So, here we are helping you in contemplating the two major terminologies of VOIP.

Shall we begin?


Softswitch is the convergence of the software and switchboards. In the early days of telecommunication, switchboards were used to route phone calls but now these calls are automated through Softswitch. Softswitch and switchboards work the same but today, these calls are automated and managed by VOIP servers.

Class 5 Softswitch

Class 5 Softswitch transmits a small volume of data. It is referred to as retail carrier because it manages calls of the immediate end-users within the city or town. One can associate normal telephone device with Class 5 Softswitch employing the IP connector. To connect international calls, Class 5 Softswitch passes traffic to Class 4 Softswitch travelling via different exchanges or carriers.

The key features of Class 5 Softswitch are:

  • Analog to digital conversion
  • IVR
  • Call Transfer
  • Call Forking
  • Call Holding
  • Call Back
  • Billing & Routing

Class 4 Softswitch

Class 4 Softswitch transmits a large volume of data especially international calls. It is referred to as wholesale carrier because it routes multiple calls traffic between different exchanges and other transport areas profoundly known as LATAs (local access and transport areas). Therefore, it is safe to say that Class 4 Softswitch routes the calls between various Class 5 Softswitch areas.

The key features of Class 4 Softswitch are:

  • UI support
  • Track of number of concurrent calls
  • Call authentication
  • Intelligent Call Routing
  • Secured Firewall

In simple words, Class 4 Softswitch is used for international calls whereas, Class 5 is used for local calls.

Take a look at a couple of examples to bring a clarity of Class 4 Softswitch and Class 5 Softswitch:

Example 1: A person calling from USA – Florida using IP phone to IP phone in USA-Ohio. This calling will be handled by a local VOIP service provider using Class 5 Softswitch because the call is made between two cities of the country USA.

Example 2: A person calling from South Africa using IP phone to IP phone in Ahmedabad. The first segment of the call will be transmitted to the local VOIP server where Class 5 Softswitch is installed. The second segment of the call will be transferred to Class 4 Softswitch from Class 5 Softswitch. The switching of calls can be done in two ways. First, if the VOIP service provider has both Class 5 Softswitch and Class 4 Softswitch installed on his server then the long-distance/ international calls can be easily switched from Class 5 to Class 4 Softswitch. Second, if the VOIP service provider has only Class 5 Softswitch installed then to transmit international calls, he has to analog calls to another server where Class 5 Softswitch can easily transmit the call to Class 4 Softswitch.

One important thing to note here is:

There is no curtailment for using Class 4 Softswitch and Class 5 Softswitch; The calls can be made from IP phone to IP phone or from IP phone to PSTN (Public service transfer) aka telephone or mobile phones.

Comparison Chart: Class 4 Softswitch and Class 5 Softswitch



Reading this blog hope you got a clear idea what is Class 4 Softswitch and Class 5 Softswitch. Ecosmob is one of the renowned names when it comes to developing Class 4 Softswitch and Class 5 Softswitch solutions. If you have any requirements do drop an email to our team at or call us at 91-79-40054019. Our team will contact you as soon as possible guiding you with your requirements.

Class 5 Softswitch: Leverage the Most Valuable Solution for Your Business

Margie Warrell, the best selling author, speaker and media commentator has rightly said,
Communication is defined by not what we said but by what being heard. For this reason, it is vital that you gain a good appreciation of how other people will listen- interpret, process and assign meaning- to assign what you have to say before you can influence them effectively.” But don’t you think the outdated telephony system is prone to misinterpret the communication due to umpteen barriers?

To overcomes these barriers whatever you term, Class 5 Softswitch was designed and brought into execution. Class 5 Softswitch is a paramount VOIP solution profoundly termed as a retail carrier because it routes small volume of data within a particular city, town or locality. Unlike Class 4 Softswitch, it is a comprehensive and robust solution that makes call routing a cakewalk.

Glance at the key features of Class 5 Softswitch:

  • Carrier-grade platform
  • Auto-provisioning tool
  • CDR reports
  • Blacklist/Whitelist
  • Call on hold
  • Number portability
  • Feature-rich voicemail
  • Voice-mail
  • Call Authorization
  • Emergency number dialing
  • Callback
  • Customizable Music on Hold
  • Caller Id
  • Conferencing
  • Call Forwarding & Waiting
  • Package Billing

Here are a few benefits that tells you why Class 5 Softswitch is the most valuable solution for your business:

  1. Provides instant scalability: Akin Class 4 Softswitch, Class 5 Softswitch also provides real-time scalability to route a good number of calls to avoid call failure. The VOIP server where these calls are handled and transmitted comprises a huge storage capacity. Therefore, if there are situations when the average call timing and number of calls are more, it can be streamlined hasslefree.
  1. Reduce calling cost: Class 5 Softswitch is an internet based solution where you don’t need a sim-card or any extra cable or hardware. The basic requirement is a high speed internet, VOIP server and a system where the solution will be installed. This enables VOIP service providers to route calls at nominal rates or free depending on the subsidies levied on him for using the internet. The cost imposed on end-users is pretty less compared to the cost incurred making trunk calls.
  1. Nullifies Routing Time: Earlier call routing from one endpoint to another endpoint took ample of time resulting in voice repetition problem just after speaking. You may have also noticed this annoying issue during WhatsApp or Skype calls. Class 5 Softswitch solution eliminates it and transmits the call seamlessly at a speed of light.
  1. Provides Calling Report: Class 5 Softswitch solution facilitates VOIP service provider to generate reports on daily calls, average call duration and charges per call. Such functionality helps in analyzing monthly revenue earned and most importantly users’ purchasing pattern which he can use to grow and expand his telecommunication business.


As described above, Class 5 Softswitch solution is the effective communication system for businesses and residential areas to route VOIP calls. It enables users to transmit calls from IP phone to PSTN or IP phone to IP phone at a low price. Hence, it is also referred as low cost routing solution or least cost routing solution. In addition to that, VOIP service provider gets enthralling features that make hisall switching task easy which means that he can completely focus on his other business processes.

Ecosmob is serving its clients with high quality and enterprise grade VOIP solutions from past 10 years. We completely focus on developing VOIP solutions using customer-centric approach which has made us a prominent VOIP solution provider worldwide. So, if you are looking for a reliable technology partner to help you build a perfect VOIP solution for your business, do share your requirements at or call us at +91-79-40054019. We will surely contact you to discuss your requirements.

Multi-Tenant IP PBX Solution to Flourish Your Hospitality Business

The hospitality business is among the fastest growing businesses. Real-time efficient communication with the customers and associates can entail the success story of your hospitality services amid intensifying competition. The robust communication system touches all the services like travel, lodging, event management, restaurants, catering, recreation sector and the like.

By shifting from traditional copper cabling to Internet-based telephony, you can manage the large staff in more effective manner. VoIP technology has greatly reduced the cost of telephonic communication through the IP PBX solutions . From managing a heavy call flow to communicate with multiple customers at once, the IP PBX solutions are capable of taking care of entire business communication system.

Software-based phone systems make the adoption of unified communication simple as the installation and configuration all take place on a familiar computer-based interface. With IP PBX software, the hotel staff can swiftly interact with the remote locations through web conferencing or collaborate internally to manage the on-premise services.

With IP PBX solution, your business is not restricted to the available hardware. It offers robust, reliable and scalable business services that can easily drive business for your business. You can leverage the features of IP PBX software in the following ways:

  1. Connect multiple phone lines: One of the greatest advantages of using IP PBX software is that you can connect multiple phone lines. Implementing an IP-PBX system enabled the business to slash its telecom costs while gaining more functionality.
  2. Cost-effective solution: With an IP PBX solution, you can easily use a VOIP-based service for making long distance and international calls. The monthly savings are significant as you can connect phone systems of your branch offices and can make free calls.
  3. Save operation & maintenance expenses: With an IP PBX, you can offer better customer service and enhance productivity. With the computer-based system, you can integrate phone functions with hotel-related applications. So, you need not wait for an operator to set up the system, you can do it on your own. You can directly place the outbound calls eliminating the need to type the phone number for the user.
  4. Establish unlimited connections with unlimited extensions: When you have to add more phone lines or extensions, it often requires expensive hardware module. In some cases, you need an entirely new phone system. But, it is not same with the IP PBX software. Just feed more contact details in the software and update necessary details by creating few virtual ports and the connection is ready for more calls.
  5. Customize caller ID: IP PBX software enables you to save the contact details as per your wish. Also, you can list them in groups for conference calls or group messages. It will be easy than gathering contacts.

At Ecosmob, we offer the best-in-market solutions for your hospitality business while maintaining the balance between cost and functionality as per your business requirements. You can also look for the customized IP PBX solutions to fit-in with your growing business needs.

VoIP Based Fax Server Solution for Business Immeasurably Improves Ease of Use While Reducing Costs

Technology changes at a rapid pace and some of it or most of it is beneficial in several ways for business. Those who still continue to use legacy equipments and processes, especially in telecommunications , pay a higher price. Take fax for instance. The traditional method of using a dedicated fax machine is proving to be expensive and rather limiting when one has a FoIP solution with its inherent advantages and benefits for business.

Fax server replaces fax machine

A conventional fax machine attaches to the PSTN lines and proves expensive when one sends out international faxes because international telephony rates apply. Then there is the matter of consumables and maintenance to consider. A fax server solution , on the other hand, does away with the limitations of single point use and allows users connected to the server to send out faxes from their desktops as well as receive faxes in their inbox. If desired these can be printed out or just kept in electronic format, which is more environment-friendly. The FoIP solution makes use of the internet which means that costs remain the same whether one sends out a local fax or an international fax. One can connect to the fax server that runs a fax server software solution through the intranet or the internet. It is safer and more secure too in that only authorized personnel can access fax facilities.

Host of features and facilities

A conventional fax machine needs a printout to be inserted to send out a fax and a fax is received and printed, mostly using thermal fax paper in which impressions can fade over time. The fax server software solution incorporates a host of features such as direct electronic conversion of an email text, a word document or just about any document to the fax format for transmission using the fax software solution. In a typical scenario, an office worker may send out an email and simultaneously convert the email into fax too. Whenever a fax is received the user receives an alert through email or other means. The fax machine would simply beep and be ignored. In a large enterprise there are different departments and executives and organizing incoming and outgoing faxes becomes an easy task with the FoIP software solution. Monitoring is part of the solution and it prevents attempts at misuse of the fax system.

Freeswitch Service FoIP solution helps businesses save money, send and receive faxes quickly and keep all such faxes well organized.