Order Tracking IVR Solution

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) System is used by diversified companies to improve their ROI and to raise their brand value. Various renowned applications of IVR solutions in recharge/mobile bill payment, appointment booking, dictation application, telemedicine, Order tracking IVR etc.

The order tracking IVR is provided with the distinctive IVRS, which attends the client calls automatically and responds them as per the fed logic. The order tracking IVR is to allow your customers to track their orders that are shipped but yet to be delivered. With the increasing demand for e-commerce, m-commerce, gift shops, cake shops, cargo shipment services etc. logistics IVR solution is making its position in the market.

The key features of Order tracking IVR are listed as:

  1. Maintain database of user information

  2. Configurable welcome prompt

  3. Configurable IVR prompts

  4. IVR prompt recording

  5. Text to speech conversion

  6. Web based admin panel

  7. Multilingual support

The crucial benefits of Order Tracking IVR are listed as:

  1. 24*7 connectivity: It enables you to stay connected round the clock. You can track the order you placed anytime.

  2. Decrease customer call hold time: Using order tracking IVR, your customers will simply make a call which is answered with an automated welcome message. They can get required tracking information by feeding their tracking details. Since, it is entirely based on IVR, there will not be any call waiting and this reduces their time wastage.

  3. Active notifications: Order tracking IVR alerts you about the tracking records of consignments when travel across the destinations. You can opt for receiving notification through an IVR call or through the text message.

  4. Multi-level IVR menu: With dynamic IVR solution, we can create multi-level IVR menus and boost caller experience in a better way by using IVR system or solution. It enables us to build the response in accordance with the input fed by the user, which may vary as per user’s requirement.

  5. No need of internet connection: Logistics IVR solution neither requires a smart phone nor an active internet connection. Since, a single solution can be used to serve the metro and rural customers with the same quality service, it expands the customer reach.

At FreeswitchService, you can get the best-in-market Logistics IVR solution and Order tracking IVR to expand your business across the world. Our Dynamic IVR solutions satisfy your customers and generate more revenues for your businesses.


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