Customized FreeSWITCH-based Solutions for Enhancing Unified Communications

FreeSWITCH, a real-time communication platform, enables developing solutions that can seamlessly run on any computer. It is a scalable, open source, cross-platform telephony platform designed to route and interconnect the contemporary communication protocols using audio, video or any other media forms.

FreeSWITCH was initially installed and designed in 2006, as an advanced version of Asterisk. The platform is highly suitable to fulfill the telecom needs, irrespective of the business size.

With Freeswitch, you can get a tailored communication system for your firm. It provides a stable telephony platform for developing many customized applications that address business communication requirements. FreeSWITCH exploits VoIP technology to enhance unified communication and thus it is also known as VoIP FreeSWITCH.

Some of the highly useful FreeSWITCH-based solutions from business viewpoint are:

  1. Conferencing: Cost-effective FreeSWITCH conferencing solution enables you to connect with anyone from anywhere using an easy-to-use, web-based interface. It enables audio as well as the video communication. It also enables companies to share documents with ease along with the screen sharing feature that makes it the choice of thousands of enterprises globally.

  2. Class 4 Softswitch: VoIP FreeSWITCH employs Class 4 Softswitch to manage wholesale VoIP traffic across the globe. It facilitates the establishment of a connection between different telephone lines across the network and managing it entirely with the help of software.

  3. Automated response with IVR: FreeSWITCH IVR(Interactive Voice Response) enables firms to offer services of bill payment, mobile recharge, etc. to their customers using a phone without active internet connection. It offers automated call handling system to attend the customers instantly and cost-effectively with digital quality. The simple function can be used to build diverse solutions listed as:

    1. Appointment Booking IVR

    2. Balance/Recharge IVR

    3. Order Tracking IVR

    4. Telemedicine IVR

    5. Multi-tenant Dynamic IVR

  4. Dictation Application: Writing notes in the conference or a meeting can be distracting for you at a certain level. Now, VoIP FreeSWITCH can be utilized to develop your personalized Dictation application that can transcribe your speech into the text at proficient speed. It helps you concentrate in the meeting, improves your work productivity and saves your time as well.

  5. FreeSWITCH SBC: FreeSWITCH SBC(Session Border Controllers) are highly scalable and powerful network security solutions to keep your network away from any malicious attacks or database theft. It utilizes VoIP to exert control over the connection establishment and termination process.

At Ecosmob, we offer premium quality FreeSWITCH development solutions that meet the needs of various enterprises. We provide customized FreeSWITCH-based solutions as per the business model and the communication requirements of your enterprise. Visit our page to know more about FreeSWITCH-based services.


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