How Class 4 Softswitch Solutions help VoIP Calling Service Providers

Softswitch (a smart short form of Software Switchboard) is a universal term for application program interface (API) software employed to bridge a public switched telephone network (PSTN) and Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). It does so by simply separating the call control functions of a phone call from the transport layer. It uses software running on the general purpose computers to link the phone calls across VoIP.

Being analogous with conventional PSTN, the Softswitch virtually and automatically routes calls as per the programmed logic. It doesn’t need to be operated manually.

When a Softswitch solution is used to direct and redirect the telecom traffic using VoIP for long distances, it is referred as Class 4 Softswitch solution or VoIP Softswitch, which is the wholesale solution. It enables IP-to-IP interaction and handles excess long distance traffic between the carriers.

Primary characteristics of Class 4 Softswitch are:

  • Protocol support and conversion

  • Transcoding

  • Flexible UI (user interface)

  • Calls per second rate

  • Billing interface including CDR

  • Average time of one call routing

  • Number of concurrent calls

  • Intelligent call routing

  • Secure firewall

Want to know more about the profitability of Softswitch? Read on to know how VoIP Softswitch can be favorable for your VoIP calling services-related business.

  1. Handling capacity: Class 4 Softswitch holds a greater call handling capacity. It handles the traffic between the carriers only. Our customized software solutions are also capable of restricting and expanding the traffic handling capacity on demand.

  2. Type of service: The VoIP Softswitch is a central office telephone exchange which is used to interconnect local exchange carrier offices for long distance communications over the internet.

  3. Reduce call rates: Class 4 Softswitch has call per second rates. It enhances the capacity of existing network connection by transferring data on the IP networks. Its affordability makes it a choice for a majority of business solutions.

At we offer you customized Class 4 Softswitch solutions. VoIP is the choice of the majority of wholesale VoIP solution providers, PSTN, Telco Operators, carriers etc. Enterprises prefer VoIP over the traditional telephone systems for their secure, scalable networks and load handling capability. We have successfully delivered VoIP solutions across the globe and you can bank on our expertise as well as experience for having client-centric solutions.


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