What Class 5 Softswitch Offers to VoIP Service Providers

VoIP industry is flourishing rapidly while addressing advanced communication requirements of business globally. These days, enthusiastic entrepreneurs are getting involved into VoIP business and many companies have started using VoIP to handle business communication. A Softswitch is the software equivalent to a physical telephone switchboard for facilitating VoIP-based communication. The Internet-based telephony and a growing number of conventional telecommunication networks employ Softswitches to manage the connection of phone calls. Call switching in the telecommunication industry is a long-term practice to interface the caller to the intended recipient.

Class 5 Softswitch is a kind of software that basically serve the end users. It serves retail VoIP service providers and enables them to extract rich quality IP services to enterprise and residential office customers with IP-enabled devices like landline IP phones. To provide a user-friendly experience, Class 5 VoIP Switch offers value- added features like social media access. Some of the primary characteristics of Class 5 Softswitch are as follows:

1. Call authentication

2. IVR

3. Callback

4. Billing and Routing

5. Analog-to-digital conversion

6. Media transcoding

7. Social Media usability

8. Call transfer

9. Call holding

How will Class 5 VoIP switch be benefiting your VoIP service-related business?

1. Boosts workflow: It handles a large volume of concurrent calls and improves the workflow without affecting communication. Though the number of calls in Class 5 Softswitch is lesser than Class 4 Softswitch, they are apt for serving the call flow of retailers.

2. Direct IP routing: Class 5 Softswitch routes calls to the correct IP address, SIP address or DID a number of an End user.

3. Offers billing platform: When used by VoIP providers, Class 5 Softswitch calculates on per minute basis, and can bill customers automatically. VoIP providers can easily install it on any server, and it does not need to be on a customer’s system. You can also make money by selling international calling minutes using a calling card which is ultimately profitable for your company.

At Ecosmob, our Class 5 Softswitch solution enables service providers to build and manage highly scalable, robust VoIP services. You can use VoIP Softswitch for handling numerous concurrent sessions. You can deploy the software solution for a small single server as well as for large multiple servers with our enterprise-grade VoIP-based services.


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