Customized FreeSWITCH-based Solutions for Enhancing Unified Communications

FreeSWITCH, a real-time communication platform, enables developing solutions that can seamlessly run on any computer. It is a scalable, open source, cross-platform telephony platform designed to route and interconnect the contemporary communication protocols using audio, video or any other media forms.

FreeSWITCH was initially installed and designed in 2006, as an advanced version of Asterisk. The platform is highly suitable to fulfill the telecom needs, irrespective of the business size.

With Freeswitch, you can get a tailored communication system for your firm. It provides a stable telephony platform for developing many customized applications that address business communication requirements. FreeSWITCH exploits VoIP technology to enhance unified communication and thus it is also known as VoIP FreeSWITCH.

Some of the highly useful FreeSWITCH-based solutions from business viewpoint are:

  1. Conferencing: Cost-effective FreeSWITCH conferencing solution enables you to connect with anyone from anywhere using an easy-to-use, web-based interface. It enables audio as well as the video communication. It also enables companies to share documents with ease along with the screen sharing feature that makes it the choice of thousands of enterprises globally.

  2. Class 4 Softswitch: VoIP FreeSWITCH employs Class 4 Softswitch to manage wholesale VoIP traffic across the globe. It facilitates the establishment of a connection between different telephone lines across the network and managing it entirely with the help of software.

  3. Automated response with IVR: FreeSWITCH IVR(Interactive Voice Response) enables firms to offer services of bill payment, mobile recharge, etc. to their customers using a phone without active internet connection. It offers automated call handling system to attend the customers instantly and cost-effectively with digital quality. The simple function can be used to build diverse solutions listed as:

    1. Appointment Booking IVR

    2. Balance/Recharge IVR

    3. Order Tracking IVR

    4. Telemedicine IVR

    5. Multi-tenant Dynamic IVR

  4. Dictation Application: Writing notes in the conference or a meeting can be distracting for you at a certain level. Now, VoIP FreeSWITCH can be utilized to develop your personalized Dictation application that can transcribe your speech into the text at proficient speed. It helps you concentrate in the meeting, improves your work productivity and saves your time as well.

  5. FreeSWITCH SBC: FreeSWITCH SBC(Session Border Controllers) are highly scalable and powerful network security solutions to keep your network away from any malicious attacks or database theft. It utilizes VoIP to exert control over the connection establishment and termination process.

At Ecosmob, we offer premium quality FreeSWITCH development solutions that meet the needs of various enterprises. We provide customized FreeSWITCH-based solutions as per the business model and the communication requirements of your enterprise. Visit our page to know more about FreeSWITCH-based services.


How IoS Apps benefit Thriving Hospitality Sector

Growing leisure expenditure and improved lifestyle have brought good news for the hospitality industry. Many well-established hotel brands believe that premium service quality is necessary, but, not sufficient for increasing the brand value. With the revolution in the IT industry, professionals are focusing on improving customer-focused services online to spread awareness and enhance coverage that ultimately impacts the hotel’s standing.

These days, many people have started using the mobile apps for planning their trips. As per TripAdvisor’s survey, 60% of respondents claim that they have downloaded travel apps on their mobile devices. Now, if you are confused to choose between android apps or iOS apps, the answer lies with your web analytics. From your web analytics, you can check with which devices users are accessing it. In case, you are having more iOS users than Android users, custom iOS apps would be an ultimate choice. Here are interesting ways with which iOS apps are already benefiting the hospitality sector.

  1. Ease of approaching clients: The customized iOS hospitality apps can be profitable for your business in many ways. By enabling push notifications, you can inform your users about the recent updates, as well as send an announcement for the recent offers and promotions. Also, in-app promotions can also help you get more leads and you can also earn from them.

  2. Easy booking: Our iOS apps for hotels enable easy booking. It saves the customer’s time of manually visiting the place or dialing the executive to check availability. With our custom iOS apps, you can also offer bookings for travelogue, hotels, car/bus rentals etc.

  3. One-stop solution: There are numerous iOS apps from the hospitality industries that offer multiple services like hotel booking, transportation scheduling, trip scheduling, car rentals, sightseeing, insurance, ticket booking, and even other travel related shopping. This saves customers’ time of switching between the apps. What’s more, the customers need not get confused with their card credentials, they can simply save the details for the quick processing.

  4. Automation: When customers are planning to travel between places, and they change the planning multiple times, it can create confusion for the executives who handle it. But, now with our iOS apps, the hospitality industry gets benefits of automation. It is easy to change the planning multiple times and choose the exact solutions using customized iOS applications. From the business perspective, we have all operations like booking, invoicing, billing, scheduling and rescheduling and cancellations also.

Ecosmob can offer you the best-in-class customized hospitality apps with the desired features. With such technology advancements, you can keep the track of your customers while managing and maintaining your businesses in the most effective manner.

How Mobile Apps are Beneficial for Small Business

Most people think that mobile apps are only for the well-established businesses with large budgets, but it’s a myth. Companies, irrespective of their size and business models, have started focusing on consumer-focused apps while considering opportunities to connect with the target audiences and showcasing their products.

Why Android mobile apps/ iOS mobile apps?

In today’s mobile-driven era, it’s hard to think any source better than Android Mobile apps and iOS mobile apps to engage customers and increase your market reach. Indeed, the enterprise mobile applications are the best way to stay ahead of the curve in the current challenging business scenario. The app is beneficial for the internal process management, enabling the mobile workforce, helping to assist customers, increasing market reach, etc. Also, the number of people accessing the Internet from their cell phones has already surpassed the number of users who access the Internet from desktops.

Our next concern is, how mobile apps can be helpful in connecting your business with the target audience. Apart from enabling market presence round-the-clock, how will it help you in making your brand image? So, here are certain ways explaining the benefits of mobile apps for small businesses:

  1. Make stronger brand value: The customized mobile application offers consumers to establish communication with your brand. It enables you to interact with the audience gradually and offering the services in accordance with the market trend. The after- sales reviews also matter for making your brand image, which you can get through such apps. Mobile apps can strengthen your brand while educating your customers about your products and services.

  2. Generate online traffic: With every individual owning a smartphone, it is, even easier and profitable to develop apps that can be accessed and used to gain information. The easier it is for the customer to find important information, the better will be the conversion rates. At times, a good Android mobile app can gather greater traffic than a website.

  3. Enhance sales: A user-friendly Android app is easy to access. It also enables clients to access the website at any point of time. However, the apps offer easy sharing of products over messengers and other social networking platforms. It allows customers to choose products from multiple options and buy them through using their smartphones rather than limiting the accessibility to desktops only.

  4. New updates with push notifications: You can send push notification on every update through a business-grade mobile application. It is better than email marketing and offers more chances to grow the business.

  5. Boost profits: Customer satisfaction always results in the increase of sales figures. People, pleased with your products and business, can be vocal representatives of your company. There are several analytics tools that permit you to check that how your customers are connecting with your app and the way it is boosting your business.

At Ecosmob, you can get the premium Android/iOS mobile apps with all the desired features. Our teams of business experts and dedicated app developers can come up with the most suitable app solutions for your business.

5 Business-friendly Features of Customized WebRTC Client Solution

When it comes to real-time communication, especially when your offices are a distance apart, nothing can beat WebRTC client solutions. It is the latest technology that allows users to engage in audio and video communication session directly from the web browser. It doesn’t require downloading of any specialized client software or any additional plugins. WebRTC solution runs only on the selected browsers like Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera etc.

FreeSWITCH is a scalable, open source telephony platform designed to route and interconnect popular communication protocols using audio, video, text or any other form of media. FreeSWITCH WebRTC client solutions are user-friendly, easy-to-use, highly secure, and they have some of the noteworthy features including:

  1. Audio and Video Calling: Because of high-quality codecs, we get the high-quality audio and video communication, which enables the WebRTC solutions to be used for conferencing. Since WebRTC solutions are platform and device independent, they are the choice of many new business ventures.
  2. Data Sharing (files/images): With data sharing, you can readily share the documents, images, and presentations even during the conference.
  3. Screen Sharing: It is one of the most beneficial features of WebRTC Video Conferencing Solutions. It permits sharing the screen with the participants during the conference. Also, by highlighting certain points, you can make them understand the details more easily. It enables easy download of documents during the conference.
  4. Real time chatting: In case, you would like to share or suggest something to any of your colleague personally, it allows you to text them, even during the conference. It made the meetings more comfortable and productive.

Secured Connections: WebRTC client solutions offer encrypted audio and video communications, thus, offer the secured communication. Since we don’t require any third party client software, our web-to-web communication is highly secure.

With FreeSWITCHService, you can integrate your business system with tailored communication solutions. Without any additional hardware and plugin installations, our custom WebRTC solution offers conferencing and peer-to-peer file sharing facilities. It can be used for connecting your clients as well as your customers in more innovative ways.

Healthcare Industry and Conferencing Solutions-Made for each other

Whether it is about managing a large urban hospital or a small rural facility, video conferencing has successfully approached in many ways. It assists the healthcare enterprises in dealing with thriving educational, managerial, and patient challenges. It facilitates doctors with an easy access to the patients living in the remote areas.

Tailored conferencing solutions not only improve communication amongst hospital network but also facilitate best possible solutions for the research partners. Such solutions help staff communicate the patient’s report with the experts globally. Healthcare enterprises can get customized solutions that enable them to offer access from mobiles, iPads, laptops, and desktop computers. In a way, such solutions allow mobility while making conversation while saving time and travel expenses.

Here are some important aspects how conferencing solutions help the healthcare industry:

  1. Reach the unreachable: Conferencing solutions help the patients access and converse with the physicians for a routine checkup as well as for emergencies. You need not worry about the security while discussing the patient’s report or details of the formula of any drug. Our secure video conferencing solutions support telemedicine.

  2. Global collaboration: You can share the medicinal solutions, study prognosis with our easy data sharing feature. It promotes the involvement of global experts in your research and development team.

  3. Improved care of patients: By using video conferencing, a hospital can eliminate the need to transfer a patient who requires a special medical attention. It enables the communication with the doctors living in the remote location and helps to improve the patient’s treatment. With the help of technology, a doctor can fully examine the patient for the real-time diagnosis.

Our customized Conferencing solution development offers benefits of VoIP advancements for improving healthcare services. If you are seeking for the innovative solutions to connect your healthcare units with the patients, our premium software solutions can serve you at their best.

How Class 4 Softswitch Solutions help VoIP Calling Service Providers

Softswitch (a smart short form of Software Switchboard) is a universal term for application program interface (API) software employed to bridge a public switched telephone network (PSTN) and Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). It does so by simply separating the call control functions of a phone call from the transport layer. It uses software running on the general purpose computers to link the phone calls across VoIP.

Being analogous with conventional PSTN, the Softswitch virtually and automatically routes calls as per the programmed logic. It doesn’t need to be operated manually.

When a Softswitch solution is used to direct and redirect the telecom traffic using VoIP for long distances, it is referred as Class 4 Softswitch solution or VoIP Softswitch, which is the wholesale solution. It enables IP-to-IP interaction and handles excess long distance traffic between the carriers.

Primary characteristics of Class 4 Softswitch are:

  • Protocol support and conversion

  • Transcoding

  • Flexible UI (user interface)

  • Calls per second rate

  • Billing interface including CDR

  • Average time of one call routing

  • Number of concurrent calls

  • Intelligent call routing

  • Secure firewall

Want to know more about the profitability of Softswitch? Read on to know how VoIP Softswitch can be favorable for your VoIP calling services-related business.

  1. Handling capacity: Class 4 Softswitch holds a greater call handling capacity. It handles the traffic between the carriers only. Our customized software solutions are also capable of restricting and expanding the traffic handling capacity on demand.

  2. Type of service: The VoIP Softswitch is a central office telephone exchange which is used to interconnect local exchange carrier offices for long distance communications over the internet.

  3. Reduce call rates: Class 4 Softswitch has call per second rates. It enhances the capacity of existing network connection by transferring data on the IP networks. Its affordability makes it a choice for a majority of business solutions.

At we offer you customized Class 4 Softswitch solutions. VoIP is the choice of the majority of wholesale VoIP solution providers, PSTN, Telco Operators, carriers etc. Enterprises prefer VoIP over the traditional telephone systems for their secure, scalable networks and load handling capability. We have successfully delivered VoIP solutions across the globe and you can bank on our expertise as well as experience for having client-centric solutions.

What Class 5 Softswitch Offers to VoIP Service Providers

VoIP industry is flourishing rapidly while addressing advanced communication requirements of business globally. These days, enthusiastic entrepreneurs are getting involved into VoIP business and many companies have started using VoIP to handle business communication. A Softswitch is the software equivalent to a physical telephone switchboard for facilitating VoIP-based communication. The Internet-based telephony and a growing number of conventional telecommunication networks employ Softswitches to manage the connection of phone calls. Call switching in the telecommunication industry is a long-term practice to interface the caller to the intended recipient.

Class 5 Softswitch is a kind of software that basically serve the end users. It serves retail VoIP service providers and enables them to extract rich quality IP services to enterprise and residential office customers with IP-enabled devices like landline IP phones. To provide a user-friendly experience, Class 5 VoIP Switch offers value- added features like social media access. Some of the primary characteristics of Class 5 Softswitch are as follows:

1. Call authentication

2. IVR

3. Callback

4. Billing and Routing

5. Analog-to-digital conversion

6. Media transcoding

7. Social Media usability

8. Call transfer

9. Call holding

How will Class 5 VoIP switch be benefiting your VoIP service-related business?

1. Boosts workflow: It handles a large volume of concurrent calls and improves the workflow without affecting communication. Though the number of calls in Class 5 Softswitch is lesser than Class 4 Softswitch, they are apt for serving the call flow of retailers.

2. Direct IP routing: Class 5 Softswitch routes calls to the correct IP address, SIP address or DID a number of an End user.

3. Offers billing platform: When used by VoIP providers, Class 5 Softswitch calculates on per minute basis, and can bill customers automatically. VoIP providers can easily install it on any server, and it does not need to be on a customer’s system. You can also make money by selling international calling minutes using a calling card which is ultimately profitable for your company.

At Ecosmob, our Class 5 Softswitch solution enables service providers to build and manage highly scalable, robust VoIP services. You can use VoIP Softswitch for handling numerous concurrent sessions. You can deploy the software solution for a small single server as well as for large multiple servers with our enterprise-grade VoIP-based services.

How Conferencing Software Solution serve Health care Industry

Our ever-changing technological advancements have a great impact on the industries worldwide and healthcare industry is no exception. The digital transformation of the health industry promotes easy access to doctors for the patients living in the remote location. It also proposes options to enrich the medical knowledge and enhance the healthcare experience with improved health care administration.

Conferencing solutions improve communication among any hospital or physician networks. It also facilitates medical, pharmaceutical and research partners, for providing the best possible care. Utilizing this straightforward technology, medical professionals can conduct patient consultations, engage with the far off specialists, and communicate with the staff internally or externally. Our web-based video conferencing solution can be accessed securely on mobile devices or laptops and might be used for everything from administrative meetings to patient follow-ups, greatly reducing travel time and cost for both patients and medical personnel.

A tailored Conferencing software solution enables healthcare professionals to offer a personalized patient experience, anywhere, anytime. With the help of these collaboration tools, you can deliver your best services remotely. It increases the work efficiency and increases the popularity of your health care unit.

Here are some valid points explaining the benefit of conferencing solutions in healthcare industries:

  1. Reach the unreachable: Unfortunately, if you are living in a region which is far from the reach of hospitals/doctors, it adds a lot of trouble to travel such a long distance, just for taking some medication or going for a routine checkup. Our secure video conferencing solution supports the growing trend toward telemedicine for having access to medical care from remote areas.
  2. Extended patient’s care: With customized conferencing solutions, physicians can be virtually connected with the patients. Employing the technology to fully examine a patient while providing a real-time diagnosis, or view an X-ray from a computer, tablet or even a mobile device, makes everything possible.
  3. Global Collaboration: Research and collaboration with the experts across the regions can be easily accessed with our conferencing solutions. Our conferencing solutions enable the easy data sharing and discuss the details of research on existing medicinal solutions. You can study prognosis, securely share data regarding the patient’s reports and other details.

When you are looking for the innovative technologies to connect patients with the doctors and experts around-the-clock, FreeSWITCHService can help you with its best-in-class conferencing software development services. These solutions keep your staff trained by enabling them access to on-demand training modules. Our conferencing software development not only enhances connectivity but also cares for the security of your database.